Wauchula – Corruption Capital of Florida

Wauchula – Corruption Capital of Florida

Cities and Counties like any other form of Government create Policies and Procedures for internal purposes and ordinances and codes for the community. Let’s say an employee of the City is violating a policy written by the City. The employee is reprimanded or at times even terminated. But what if the person violating these Policies and Procedures is one of the ones that actually write them? Who is responsible for taking action and holding that person accountable? Normally that could be the City or County Commission. But what if they ignore the public and allow certain City employee’s to continue violating policy, procedures, and contracts? If Commission will not reply or answer the Public, who is there to hold them accountable. Recent experience, No One. Not even the State Attorney’s office. It’s always the same ole thing, “You need to take it up with your Commission”. Essentially what they are saying is “We know there’s a drug problem, but you have to take it up with the dealer”  

Below are a few issues with our Local Government. It’s funny when you look at these issues, it involves the top 3 people in the City. The City Manager, Chief of Police and the Assistant Chief of Police. If they can’t follow the rules, why should anyone else? Just remember, these are the people that help create policies. Think about it.


City Manager take City Vehicle on Vacation out of State

City Manager in Violation of his Employment Contract

City Commissioner Arrested & Charged with Domestic Battery – Also NOT living in his District

Commissioner from above post threatens to sue the State Attorney for Harassment after he’s Investigated for not living in his District, while, the SA and Gov accept plea deal?

When Corrupt Officials go too far on Facebook

Banned from Commenting on City of Wauchula Facebook page for asking questions ?

Lack of PowerLine inspection results in the death of multiple cows after Hurricane Irma passes over. City refuses to Investigate?

Misuse of Education Benefits – The Whatley Story

Assistant Chief Lost for 2 weeks – Another Whatley Story

The Missing Internal Investigation – Again, another Whatley Story

Can the City save Millions shutting down the Police Department?


2015 Lifesync Grand Jury – The 7 Million Dollar Nightmare



UPDATE: 8-27-2017

So what happens when you report corruption? You get Blocked or Banned from their accounts. So far I have been blocked and banned from the City of Wauchula’s Facebook page, Senator Grimsley’s Facebook and Twitter.  When you are banned on Facebook there is no option to comment. Silencing the Public is a Violation of our 1st Amendment rights.