City Manager-Contract Violation

Recently I have submitted a few things to the State Attorney Brian Haas regarding some Local Government issues. Response from his Chief Investigator¬† was “It’s a local issue and you must take it up with the City Commission”. It’s sorta like saying “We know there is a Drug problem, but you have to talk to the dealer”.¬†



Ok, Well, We did and of course the Local City Commission won’t do anything. They are sticking to FS 119.12(1)(b) (Request to inspect documents) However, this is not a records request. These are legitimate concerns the Public has with the City and the email sent to the City States “Concerns”. So even at the advice of the State Attorney’s office, the City will not respond. Why?¬† This particular issue has been going on for a few years and still today the City Commission refuses to talk about it.



Issue: City Manager is Violating his Employment contract by not living in the City limits as stated in his Employment contract.

The City Manager’s contract States “Employee shall live within the City Limits of the City of Wauchula and maintain residence within the corporate boundaries of the City so long as he is the City Manager” (Section 13 (C) )


When this issue was brought up about a year or so ago you can see he changed his homestead to the City home. He did this to make it appear he lived in the City Limits. But changing the Homestead and “Residing” are 2 different things. I believe he was hired in 2012/2013. He kept the Homestead on the County home as long as he could due to the higher exemption value.

City Home


County Home



When the City Manager was hired he did not have the “Education” required for the position (Other applicants did). He also did not live in the City limits. Citizens questioned Commission on this soon after he was hired. The Education part was soon waived by commission and later (almost a year) the City Manager changed his address on file to a home he owns in the City limits, 317 S 9th Ave. But the problem is, he never moved into that home. His mother in law that runs his restaurant Giovanni’s (Restaurant is City Property, He rents it from the City) lives there. He still resides at 1035 Knollwood Circle(County). Below are pictures of his City Tahoe parked at his County home.



Speaking of Tahoe, the City is about 1 mile square. Why a Tahoe? (It was nice when he took it to Tennessee on vacation tho. Plus the Regular Florida tag hides the fact it’s a City Vehicle) It’s also nice when he has to run to Winn-Dixie and pickup supplies for his Restaurant Giovanni’s, during city hours. And even nice with his wife needs it to run to town. :/ Hope City Insurance covers her and the Fam if they get in an accident. Does the City Insurance company know this?

The tag is interesting. I decided to conduct a survey of Florida Cities just to see how many City Manager’s vehicles had a Florida tag compared to the City tag. One thing different is the Florida tag has to be renewed every year and costs more than the City tags. City tags are a onetime purchase. Anyway, here are a few results from the survey.. So far, Wauchula’s City Manager is the ONLY Manager that has a Florida tag, also has the most Expensive vehicle yet the SMALLEST Population…..My brain isn’t computing this well…


Looks like we are comparable to Lake Alfred. Better sell that Tahoe and get him a Focus. ūüôā

When City Commission was asked why the City Manager is not required to live in the City limits as stated in his Employment contract, their response is “He owns a home in the City”. Well, We are well aware he owns a home in the city. We are also well aware he does not reside there (As stated in his contract). Why is this the ONLY City Manager allowed to break his Employment contract? The rest had to live inside the City Limits….The point is this is a position that has 100% control over the City and It’s employees. He writes policies and procedures and All City employees are Required to adhere to them. Yet, He himself is violating his own Contract and the Commission is allowing it. Think about it.

So the City Manager is in violation of his contract. States Attorney said we had to talk to the City Commission. We did and the City will not respond. Why? An email has been sent to the State Attorney advising that we have contacted the City and have had no response.

This issue is just one of many issues that the local citizens are trying to get fixed. Hardee county has been in the news before and a Commissioner was removed from office.

Scott Removes Wauchula Official For Violating Florida’s Sunshine Law; Four Others Resign


For more information on Corruption in a Small Town check this out.

Truth or Lies-You be the Judge

Here is the current list of City Commission Members.

District 1   Neda Cobb                     Cell 863-781-3566

District 2   Russel G Smith     Cell 863-448-6963

District 3   Keith Nadasky       Cell 863-581-2822

District 4   Kenneth Lambert  Cell 863-781-0038

District 5   Gary Smith              Cell 863-781-1753

City Manager Terry Atchley  Cell 863-781-9402

I can be reached at


This issue may be small in nature. But I can assure you there are bigger issues here including Millions of dollars being wasted by Public Officials. See link below.

Politicians Squander Millions of Taxpayers Dollars

Then there was the County Commissioner that made a Racial comment to another Candidate. His punishment? Commission made him Chairman of the Board

And we can’t forget the Millions of dollars wasted after Hurricane Charley

Corruption starts at the Local level. Some of these people move up the ladder into State and even Federal positions, taking corruption with them.

Remember, Stand up and fight for what you believe in!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a Great Day  & Sail Safe