Corruption Continues

After spending months sending information to the State Attorney’s office on issues here in Wauchula, Beverly at the State Attorney’s office basically said we needed to confront the Local officials. (See email below) (Link to issues


So the next step is emailing Commission. Which I have multiple times only to get NO response. I and Citizens of Hardee County left comments and questions on the City of Wauchula’s official Facebook page, only to have the Assistant City Manager, Olivia Minshew “Hide” the comments from Public View….Suppressing the Public? (See info below) What happened to our 1st Amendment right to Free Speech??????




As you can see, all comments have been “Hidden” from Public view. This next one is interesting because of the question asked “Why did you mark my comment as Spam? Are we not allowed to ask questions? Do you not want to tell the people the Truth? 


Of course, that comment was hidden too, so it seems you can’t ask the City any questions unless it’s positive for them…….Again…Suppressing the Public? 

Here are a few of the comments before they were hidden.



So Mrs. Cone, What do you suggest now? So far I have been banned from the City of Wauchula Facebook page, Senator Denise Grimsley’s Facebook and Twitter for simply reporting issues here in Hardee County. 

When you are banned from a Facebook page, the only option you get is to share.





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