Assistant Chief Lost for 2 weeks

Assistant Chief Lost for 2 weeks – Another Whatley Story

This story is kin of lengthy so bare with me, there’s a lot to take in. So how did all this get started? It’s really very simple. Someone came forward about Matthew Whatley being out sick for a few weeks and being paid regular salary. We thought no, he had to have been paid Sick time. So we sent a request for all employee sick, vacation and comp time used. They responded with this (Click Here) If you go through and scan over Matthew Whatley you can see that in March he claimed 0 sick time. Then we asked for paycheck stubs (Click Here) Again notice he was paid normal Salary. Odd. Was he out? Well, We asked that question many times (Request 1) (Request 2) and (Request 3). Responses (Response 1) (Response 2) (Response 3). Seems to be NO proof that Matthew Whatley was out for any length of time at all. Response 3 is funny in a way. We requested in writing that they state there was no documentation, but they wouldn’t do it. So, the City Attorney emailed me to let me know they didn’t have documentation and that they will not provide written signed response. Umm….Tom, You sent the email and signed it 🙂 That’s actually much better than on letterhead. Who’s the attorney?

So the question is still “Was Matthew Whatley out sick or out at all?”. Because it appears they are hiding something.  We went to the the next step which was requesting the PD Work schedule. This schedule shows all officers on call and on the lower left shows the On Call Detective. This would tell us if Whatley was on call. Lets look at March. (Click Here) Yes, He shows being on call the first and last week of March. Now lets look at who actually got paid for the 1 hour on call for March. (Here) (Here) and (Here). Well that shows he didn’t claim the call out time. We also thought hey, if Whatley wasn’t at work, the log on the side door at PD would show that he hadn’t came in the building, so we requested that log (Here) Interesting, the log shows no activity from 3-5-2015 to 3-26-2015.  Last thing we looked at was his fuel log (Here) . Seems there is a 20 day period without refueling and happens to be the Same time as the rest. Looking at all this individually might get confusing. So we created this little spreadsheet and included all the data from above. (Click for larger image)


WOW. Where was Whatley during the month of March? Wait….The City attorney stated they had NO documentation that he was out remember (Click Here). Now I’m starting to see why they wouldn’t put it in writing. It would have been a whole lot easier and saved a lot of time if the City would have admitted to what they had done wrong. All they had to do was say “We made a mistake and we will fix it”, but they chose to deny.

But it gets better. 

As we got to looking at all the documents we received another issue popped up. We were told that sometime in Feb to April there was a meeting held at the Police Department. This meeting was held by Chief Eason and Matthew Whatley. What was the discussion? Rumors were going around that while he (Whatley) was out,  (The topic above) he was in the hospital with a drug problem. At this meeting Whatley informed the officers that he did not have a drug problem and had even offered to show them his paperwork that shows what drugs he was taking. Some of the officers stated “LT Whatley presented print outs of his prescription history. He cursed at and dressed down the entire department.”  But again, City Attorney stated there was NO documentation that Whatley was out of work during that time. Plus, Whatley never used any sick time, he was paid REGULAR Salary. So, we requested a list of employees that attended this meeting, but this is what we were told (Item #1) (Click Here) So then we asked Chief John Eason what the meeting was about (Click Here) Their response (Here) No records. This led to us requesting  all PD Time sheets for the month of April (Click Here). After receiving the time sheets (Here) it appears on 4-24-2015 there was a meeting after all. So, this led to yet another request regarding said meeting that they  originally tried to hide (Here) Response (Here)  (Meeting Summary) So there really was a meeting. Now lets ask about Item #1 (Rumor Control). Response (Here) Which led to asking for more details about the meeting (Here). And the Final response to “What was the Rumors” about? (Here) It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out they are trying to hide the fact that the meeting happened. That’s been proven. From the summary they sent you can see Item #1 “Rumor Control”, kinda funny that is matches what we had heard. But why try to hide the fact that the meeting didn’t happen? That’s easy, it would prove that Whatley was out during March and it would prove that the City tried to cover the fact they paid him Normal Salary instead of making him use Sick time like every other employee is Required to do.

What does all this tell you? Did Mr. Atchley know Whatley was out? Was he also the one that made the decision to pay him regular salary? He does look at all payroll records and with Whatley being 2nd in command at the Police Dept and sits in all the meetings, surly Atchley knew he was out, yet allowed him use normal pay instead of sick time.  Do you think other employees would get that option? Saving their sick time and having the City pay them Normal time? I think not. Is this a Violation of City Policy? I don’t know, Isn’t falsifying time a terminating offense? I do remember a few years ago there was a certain supervisor that was terminated for just that and his was only a few hours, here we are talking about a few Weeks.  Is Commission going to allow the City Manager to ABUSE his power like this? Wait…I almost forgot. I’m not through yet.

Bottom line, Matthew Whatley was missing in action for 2 weeks yet still received Normal pay. So was he out on Vacation, Sick or Rehab?  The City refuses to acknowledge he wasn’t there even tho we proved he wasn’t. States Attorney says “It’s a Local issues, you will have to take it up with the City”. So here we are, back to why does corruption exist? Because there is No One to hold them accountable.