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Islamic State Supporters hijacking dormant Twitter accounts.


TechCrunch – Hackers are spreading Islamic State propaganda by Hijacking dormant Twitter accounts

New York Post – Hackers spread ISIS propaganda by hijacking dormant Twitter accounts.

Fox News – Hackers spread ISIS propaganda by hijacking dormant Twitter accounts

The Telegraph – Decade old flaw in Twitter allows hackers to spread ISIS propaganda using old accounts.

The Times – ISIS uses dormant Twitter accounts to incite violence

SC Magazine – Hackers hijacking old Twitter accounts to post Pro-ISIS content

Engadget – Hackers seize formant Twitter accounts to push terrorist propaganda


Exposing Trumps Gmail and Lack of Security



CNN – Hacker to Trump, Fix your security settings on Twitter

The Intercept – Trump using private gmail to secure most powerful Twitter account

USA Today – Trumps Twitter profile sparks new concerns on hacking risk

CBS – Was Donald Trumps official @POTUS account registered with a Gmail Address?

NBC – How the new White House Keeps Bungling Social Media

The Hill – Hacker: Trump not using enough security on Twitter

Washington Post – Twitter security tips that we can learn from the Trump Admin

The Independent – Trumps Twitter account is secured with a personal Gmail

Wired – Trumps still using his old Android Phone. That’s very, very risky

Wired (Germany) — Nehmt Trump endlich sein Smartphone weg

Vocative – After Outcry, Trumps Twitter switches from Gmail to Gov address

BuzzFeed – President Trumps Official Twitter Account registered to personal Gmail

Sputnik – Hacker warns White House of US Official Twitter Accounts Vulnerability

NextGov – Hacker Claims Trumps Twitter Account Has Weak Security

TechWorld – Trump admin is giving us a good lesson on Twitter security

Computer World – Trump admin is giving us a good lesson on Twitter security

SC Magazine – Trump Staffers use private email, Trump still using Android

International Business Times – Trump on Twitter, @POTUS and other Gov accounts tied to private email

CSO Online – Trump Admin is giving us a good lesson on Twitter security

The Next Web – Trump and Staff still using private email and bad security settings

Defense World – White House Twitter accounts vulnerable to Cyber Attack

RT Russia – Hacker urged Trump to strengthen security measures on Twitter

TechCrunch — The risky business of the twittering president

Yahoo — Official POTUS Twitter account is only secured with gmail

CW6 San Diego — Infamous hacker tweets trump “Change your email and fix settings”

Mashable — Trump was finally shamed by the Internet into doing something right.

CBS Philly — Hacker has message for President Trump “Change your security settings”

The Gazette -Colorado — Twitter security tips we can learn from Trump

9 news Colorado — Trumps twitter profile sparks new concerns on hacking risk

PoliticusUSA — Reckless Trump violated the law for days before finally securing his account

Northwest Herald Illinois — Twitter security tips we can learn from Trump

Sci-Tech Today — Does Trumps old Android phone pose major security threat?

The Verge — Donald Trump used a Gmail address to secure POTUS

Value Walk — Hacker warms Trump, VP and First lady to fix their twitter security settings

Brisbane Times (Australia) — Twitter security tips we can learn from the Trump Admin

20 Minutes (France) — La Maison-Blanche fâchée avec la sécurité sur le Net

TechRoad (Brazil) — Insegurança: secretário de imprensa dos EUA tuíta a própria senha duas vezes

Punto-Informatico (Italy) — USA, email governative alla mercé degli hacker


Orlando Hack Articles (Complete list here)


NewsWeek 6-14-2016 / Hacker hijacks ISIS Twitter accounts

Stars and Stripes 6-14-2016 / Hacker Spams Islamic State twitter accounts with porn

The Washington Post 6-14-2016 / This hacker is fighting ISIS by spamming Twitter accounts

Foreign Policy 6-15-2016 / Not all Heros wear capes 6-15-2016 / Anonymous Spamming ISIS with porn

Russian Today 6-16-2016 / Hackivist cracks ISIS Twitter accounts posting rainbow flags

CNN 6-16-2016 / Meet the Hacker fighting ISIS with porn

Huffington Post 6-16-2-16 / Hackers Improve ISIS Twitter accounts

Fortune 6-17-2016 / Anonymous Hacks ISIS Twitter Accounts

Perez Hilton 6-17-2017 / Twitter user fights back against ISIS

USA Today 6-17-2017 / Hacker adds rainbow colors and gay pride to ISIS

Maxim 6-17-2016 / ISIS Twitter accounts were Hilariously hacked

The Hill 6-17-2016 / Anonymous hacker hijacks ISIS twitter accounts

The Times of Israel / 6-17-2016 / Anonymous hackers are attacking Supporters of ISIS 6-17-2016 / Hacker flood Pro-ISIS accounts with with Gay Pride Images

The Guardian 6-17-2016 / Islamic State twitter accounts get rainbow makeovers

Russian Today 6-23-2016 / Hacker who posts gay porn on ISIS accounts  urges social media giants to do their part.

Security Affairs 6-16-2016 / Hacker Interviews-WauchulaGhost

The Economist 8-24-2016 / Canvassing: Is Hactivism Art

Epoch Times 8-30-2016 / Hacker leaks Hundreds of ISIS IP’s/Phone Contacts 10-7-2016 / ‘No wonder US blaming Russians for cyber attacks’



International Business Times 7-22-2015 / Anonymous affiliate GhostSec thwarts ISIS terror plots in New York and Tunisia. 

EpochTimes 11-6-2015 / Anti-Terrorist Hacker Group Reveals 40 ISIS Websites Protected by US Tech Firm 11-8-2015 /Anti-Terrorist Hacker Group Reveals 40 ISIS Websites Protected By US Tech Firm

Sputnik 11-11-2015 / Anonymous Accuse Silicon Valley Startup of Assisting ISIL Online

Business Insider DE 11-12-2015 / ISIS Trolling Day 11-17-2015 / Anonymous hackers intensify operations against terror group following Paris Attack.

NewsWeek 11-18-2015 / Anonymous gripes about ISIS are absurd CEO says

EpochTimes 11-20-2015 / Hacker exposes 97 ISIS Websites

EpochTimes 12-10-2015 / Hackers launch large-scale operation to tease ISIS

Mediumcom 12-14-2015 / Meet the Individuals doing battle with ISIS 1-15-2016 / Tamara Fields sues twitter over murder of husband by ISIS.

International Business Times 2-9-2016 / Dridex Hacker latest Gray Hat to seek Justice, Internet Vigilantes target ISIS, Botnets and Other online threats.

EpochTimes 3-4-2016 / Twitter isn’t telling the whole story about Anti-Terror fight. 3-5-2016 / Twitter is not taking down ISIS accounts but banning users who report them. 

PC Magazine 3-8-2016 / Twitter suspends #OPISIS users

EpochTimes 4-15-2016 / Hackers cause chaos in ISIS Ranks by HiJacking Twitter accounts.

Russian Today 4-20-2016 / Islamic State, We own you. Hacker hijacks ISIS Twitter

EpochTimes 4-22-2016 / New social media push from ISIS falls flat on it’s face

Daily Star UK 5-5-2016 / Anonymous Hacker reveals Pro-ISIS Twitter accounts from the UK

Hackread 6-12-2016 / Anonymous Deface ISIS Twitter accounts with Porn

SecurityAffairs 6-12-2016 / WauchulaGhost targets ISIS accounts and floods with porn.





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