Trumps Twitter Fail


And it all started with a Tweet

What was the problem? Well, a few things. First off the Official Twitter accounts for the President, First Lady, Press Secretary and the Vice President were all secured with private Gmail accounts. What? Really? After Trump bashed Hillary for having a private email server? The second issue was none of the accounts at the time had 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) turned on. Their partial phone numbers and emails were exposed. It didn’t take long to figure out the emails. So I started tweeting this info out. Knowing this was an issue I notified Laurie at CNN. She then contacted the White House and Dan Scavino, Trumps social media director. But, No response. So, I then tweeted out their actual gmail address’s. Then shit went crazy :/ But, in the end they fixed the issue and attached Gov emails to all the accounts.


And that’s pretty much how it went. It only took the White House about 5 Days after the article went viral to fix the Presidential Accounts. This is what happens when you put Morons in Government positions :/


CNN – Hacker to Trump, Fix your security settings on Twitter

The Intercept – Trump using private gmail to secure most powerful Twitter account

USA Today – Trumps Twitter profile sparks new concerns on hacking risk

CBS – Was Donald Trumps official @POTUS account registered with a Gmail Address?

NBC – How the new White House Keeps Bungling Social Media

The Hill – Hacker: Trump not using enough security on Twitter

Washington Post – Twitter security tips that we can learn from the Trump Admin

The Independent – Trumps Twitter account is secured with a personal Gmail

Wired – Trumps still using his old Android Phone. That’s very, very risky

Vocative – After Outcry, Trumps Twitter switches from Gmail to Gov address

BuzzFeed – President Trumps Official Twitter Account registered to personal Gmail

Sputnik – Hacker warns White House of US Official Twitter Accounts Vulnerability

NextGov – Hacker Claims Trumps Twitter Account Has Weak Security

TechWorld – Trump admin is giving us a good lesson on Twitter security

Computer World – Trump admin is giving us a good lesson on Twitter security

SC Magazine – Trump Staffers use private email, Trump still using Android

International Business Times – Trump on Twitter, @POTUS and other Gov accounts tied to private email

CSO Online – Trump Admin is giving us a good lesson on Twitter security

The Next Web – Trump and Staff still using private email and bad security settings

Defense World – White House Twitter accounts vulnerable to Cyber Attack

RT Russia – Hacker urged Trump to strengthen security measures on Twitter

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  1. You are absolutely awesome!!. Thanks for all that you do and keep up the great work!!!
    Hope you have a fantastic weekend.

    >>This is what happens when you put Morons in Government positions :/

    I think the word you may be looking for is “kakistocracy” or “kakistocrat”.
    (personally, I would also add the following to the list of Orange Caligula’s honorifics… as well as to the sick deluded sycophants working for him:
    unethical, evil, sociopathic, treasonous, anti-American, pro-Russian, bigoted, racist, narcissistic, misogynistic, unhinged, transphobic, homophobic, immoral, perverted, treacherous, dangerous, fascist, and traitorous)
    I have several more, but I think you get my point 😉


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