Commissioner Russell Smith

Recently I submitted information to the State Attorney’s office in Bartow regarding a local Commissioner, Russell Graylin Smith not living in his District. This came about after he was Arrested for Domestic Battery. Russell has never lived in his District, everyone here knows that but most are afraid to stand up and expose these people, I however have NO issues doing so. One thing I don’t believe in is involving Family members, especially innocent kids. However recently, this very Commissioner has been feeding his son information, which in turn his son has been spreading across Social Media. 

Since I reported this Commissioner, I have requested the status of my complaint numerous times, the only reply I get is that “It’s an Active ongoing Investigation”. I know how these things work, they can’t talk about the Investigation while it’s ongoing and I understand that. However, Commissioner Smith’s son has been very public about what is going on with it. How would he know? It comes from his Dad, Russell. 

I get why Russell’s son is upset, It’s his Dad and I respect that. But for Russell to feed his son information knowing his son will be posting to social media and knowing what’s being said is false is very upsetting. But it shows what kind of man Russell is. 

Once the Complaint was filed with the SA, and Investigation was started, this is when things went a little crazy. Messages were left on my website, multiple password resets were attempted not only on my email but my website as well. All this was traced to a Local IP here in Wauchula. You can only guess who.  I sent an email to all the City Commissioners and to Russell Smith. I also mentioned that his son is  Intelligent.  However his son stated that I was “Making fun of his disability” and also “Threatening his mother”. Here is what I sent. It only went to Commissioners and the SA’s office, so how did his son know about it? Russell told him..

Email to Commission re Smith-Emory - Copy


I also have a family member who is Autistic and he is the smartest little man I have ever seen. So why would he say those things? I didn’t, Russell told him, but told him false information. I have never talked to the son or his mother. The extent of my “harassment” was filing a complaint with the State Attorney’s Office regarding Russell not living in his District. 

I informed the State Attorney’s office of what all had been happening and that I also WILL NOT be going after Kids or Family members. It’s NOT my style. 

So how and why do I think Russell is “feeding” his son information? Recently This was posted on the son’s Facebook.

son - Copy

Time and time again he references me “Harassing” him and his mother. Again, I have Not and will Not confront the family, especially kids!! My fight is with Russell. But notice the remark at the bottom “PS: To Wauchula Ghost and friend, Beverly Cone. We have a surprise for you two within the next couple of months”.  What’s the surprise? Seems they are going to sue Beverly Cone (Chief Investigator) and the State Attorney’s office for Harassment…. “We are going to sue Beverly Cone within the next couple months for harassment.”

WOW….So, Commissioner Smith, let me get this straight. You don’t live and have never  lived in your District. It gets reported to the State Attorney’s office and they Investigate. So you are going to Sue them because of something YOU did? Now it makes sense why you involved your own son in the mess, YOU HAVE NO MORAL COMPASS!!!

My only hope is that the State Attorney’s office and even Rick Scott see and understand how you corrupt idiots are here. Especially when your son is telling people that Rick Scott and Brian Hass are going to Drop the charges in June-July and Expunge your record. Wait…..How did your son know that? Oh yeah, Russell has a big mouth…So Brain Haas and Rick Scott, are you still going to drop the charges and expunge his record knowing he’s going to sue you? Seriously, it’s a valid question..

Grow Up Russell. Take responsibilities for YOUR actions. If you have a problem with me, Come tell me to my face! Leave your son out of this! 

To the Family involved, I am truly sorry you have to go through this. I have Never and will Never attempt to communicate with you. My fight isn’t and never will be with you, ONLY Russell. I don’t even like posting this but it’s to the point it’s out of control and I can only hope it stops..