2015 Lifesync Grand Jury, the 7 Million Dollar Nightmare


How could there not be any indictments from the Jan 7, 2015 LifeSync Grand Jury on the loss of $7,250,000 in cash by public officials in Hardee County?

You said no crimes were committed — “What might appear to be chargeable theft, sadly, clearly was not when the conduct in question was approved and ratified by those charged with the responsibility of representing the county’s taxpayers.”

Director of Economic Development Bill Lambert managed the first $2,557,852 given to Rep. James Grant from his pick up truck with Grant. His employers never knew these secret monthly meetings. That money was never accounted for Mr. Haas, and you know it.

Casey Dickson said in her sworn deposition, that she did not know who worked for James Grant and Travis Bond 1/2 mile down the street — on the project she was hired to manage. She said her employer, Bill Lambert, and his employers, the IDA Board, told her not to know who worked at Tech River, while she oversaw the payment of $4,692,036 to owners of the project companies in monthly draw requests. She was told not to verify any of the expenses submitted by Travis Bond.

Casey Dickson knew the husband of her best friend, Sarah Pelham, and next door neighbor (and the person in the office next to her at the IDA office), worked at Tech River. She knew the brother of Dir. Bill Lambert, Ken Lambert, worked there (walked with $67,000 and no records). She now works for Ken Lambert. She knew the son of the IDA Chairman worked there and the son of the IDA Liaison and Chair of the County Commission worked at Tech River. She saw them setting in the IDA meeting room on Nov 13, 2012 with Travis Bond on the day she was hired.

Mr. Brian Haas, you knew public officials that approved the $7.25 million given to a company the Auditor General said should not have been funded — took extraordinary measures for three years to hide the misappropriation of public funds. They did this for the personal benefit of themselves, their friends and close relatives.

The Grand Jury convened by your Office also draws serious questions on conduct and impartiality. Questions on how the jurors were selected and from what pool, what evidence was presented and withheld, how deliberations were conducted and the role of State Attorney Jerry Hill and Judge Marcus Ezelle in writing the final Presentment.

What is clear is this::::: Dir. Bill Lambert was deposed (10-18-13), one year before the Grand Jury convened. He said under oath that he gave away $2.55 million in cash and it was the “Will-Of-The-IDA-Board” that he do nothing more than send the correct amount of money each month to Rep. James Grant. He has no idea where the money went. No one else was managing the project but him. The contract IDA attorney Ken Evers wrote was worthless except for a NOTE to pay back the money if there were misappropriations. You know that Joe Albritton, IDA member and original 2% owner of LifeSync with his brother Rep. Ben Albritton, signed that note Mr. Haas. This shocking evidence was not in your Grand Jury presentment when you exonerated Joe Albritton.

The conclusion we come to State Attorney Brian Haas is that corruption was at play during the investigation and grand jury of the IDA in 2014. This appears to be the manipulation of the Judicial process for the purpose of burying a criminal conspiracy of dozens of high powered public officials and grant recipients.

We think the Grand Jury was Bogus and Non-compliant. Nullified by improprieties. Clearly a new Grand Jury Investigation is called for by a Statewide Prosecutor. We are asking that you refer this matter accordingly.


What was the Selection Process for Grand Jury?

Where the pics automated or manual? If Manual, who was responsible?

Who screens the jurors for duty?

What counties are they selected from? Just Hardee or all Counties in the Tenth Cicurit?




Grand Jury Presentment – 15-03-23-grand-jury-presentment

Audit General Report – 2013-102


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In the meantime, MONEY IS STILL GONE and Corruption continues. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯