Open letter to Gov Rick Scott

Gov Rick Scott,

In the past few months I have submitted multiple complaints to Brian Hass, State Attorney 10th Judicial Circuit. Most of what I sent was considered “Local Gov Issues” and we were told we needed to take it up with our Local Commissioners. So we did. Here are a few of this issues.

1-City Manager Violating his Contract and Violating the City Charter by not living in the City Limits. State Attorney says it’s a Local Issue. We questioned Commission but as usual, they would NOT respond to us. In fact when questions were asked, Citizens were BANNED from commenting on the City Facebook page and the City (Olivia Minshew-Assistant City Manager) Hide the comments from Public View. Ok, so now what?

After that incident I also reported a City Commissioner for guess what? Yep, NOT living in his District. This came about after he was arrested for Domestic Battery.

2-City Commissioner Violatiing the City Charter by NOT living in his District. This was submitted to the State Attorneys office and to our surprise it’s being Investigated. But will something actually be done or will they just slap his hand?


Not long after this, the Commissioners son was bragging about how they were going to SUE the State Attorney for Harassment….Now remember, he was arrested for Domestic Battery. He’s going to attend a class and from what we hear Brain and Rick Scott will be dropping the charges (Domestic Battery) and expunging his record. But wait, He’s still going to SUE the SA…Really?

So hears the deal Rick. We, the Citizens of Hardee County have wondered why the City Commission would never do anything about the City Manager not living in the City Limits. It’s obvious, A Commissioner is doing the same thing, Not living in his District. ALL the Commissioners are aware of this yet turn their heads and ignore it. Is this who we want running our City? Hell no.

We expect the State Attorney Brian Haas will do the right thing and have Commissioner Smith removed from Office. Russell Smith is Guilty and what he pulled is Fraud on the Voters of the City of Wauchula. At the same time we expect the Commission be investigated for allowing all of this to go on. And we expect the State to also remove the City Manager from his position.

There are a lot more issues, but as the State Attorney said they are Local issues that need to be taken up with our Commission. But, How can things get fixed when our Commissioners are guilty themselves? Remember last time you came here Rick? You removed one of our Commissioners and 4 more resigned. We think it’s time you come back.

Rick Scott removes City Commissioner and 4 more Resign


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