Politicians squander Millons of TaxPayer Money.


(Pictured Above: Bill Lambert-EDA Director,  James Grant-State Rep, Travis Bond Caresyn-CEO, Vanessa Hernandez-Chairman IDA,  Jim See-Former Chairman-IDA)

Where did Millions of Hardee County Tax dollars go? Rep James Grant. Remember, this tax money is the Mosaic Severance Tax.  Everything goes back to Mosaic!

Channel 10 -James Grant Steals Millions from Hardee County  (Click Here)

Channel 10 -Man who helped Grant gets fined (Click Here)

Channel 10 -Ethics Commission Fines Former Hardee Official (Click Here)

Audit General Report – 2013-102

Grand Jury Presentment – 15-03-23-grand-jury-presentment

Tampa Bay Times -Grand Jury slams Grant, others in Hardee County Subsidy Deal (Click Here)

Channel 10 -Hardee agency ignores Grand Jury in Financial Probe (Click Here)

Channel 10 -Politicians in Million dollar deal try to cover their tracks (Click Here)

Channel 10 -Integrity Florida Exposing Government Corruption (Click Here)

In the meantime, MONEY IS STILL GONE and Corruption continues. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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