Sinkhole dumps 215 Million gallons of Acidic water in aquifer-Mosaic Mines



Published by WauchulaGhost for Henry Kuhlman (Activist)


Why are Sinkholes Picking on Mosaic’s Gypsum Stack? It’s Not Fair. The one in 1994 was even bigger! Then in 1997 and 2004 more acid leaks into rivers and contamination of the environment.

The question is:::::::: Is GOD doing this to Mosaic?

Why are Sinkholes TARGETING the Mosaic phosphate fertilizer plant?

According to Mosaic, Sinkholes are OPENING UP underneath the LINER they say prevents the toxic radioactive acidic Gypsum stack Crap from the porous, soft, fragile limestone rock underneath — that separates the worst stuff you would want in your water — from going down the throats of your kids.

So, how does one fix a liner that has been breached multiple times over 20+ years while more Sinkholes pop up that go unreported to the public for three weeks by Mosaic and the COZY COZY COZY Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and EPA regulators that let this happen OVER and OVER again. With No Consequences.

Why is GOD doing this to Mosaic?

OR, Is it possible that Mosaic is doing this to Mosaic? Maybe God is not involved. What if the Sinkholes are being CAUSED and CREATED by MOSAIC?

We are not buying the “A SINKHOLE OPENED UP UNDER THE GYPSUM STACK.” That makes it look like an ACCIDENT. That makes it look like a legal defense — a SPIN — A Coverup — A we did the best we could to address a natural disaster.

Since the DEP and EPA did not release a peep about this NATURAL DISASTER for Three Weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,,,,,,,,, We are saying they STINK. If it were a Natural Disaster, it would have been broadcast to the media to notify the neighbors to GET ON BOTTLED WATER — Right Fricking Now. Since Mosaic said nothing until the Ch 8 news helicopter flew over and broke the story and the DEP is still in DEEP COVERUP MODE, we know it was NOT a Natural Disaster at all.


It was the work of MAN and the aftermath of those who tried to make it disappear.


To our knowledge, the DEP and EPA have yet to say one PEEP about this UN-NATURAL DISASTER.

It happened on Aug 27. They were notified immediately. They did not tell the neighbors to drink bottled water or filter their water. They did not do anything at all. They won’t return phone calls (813-470-5700). They did not notify the media to put out public service announcements.

What was in the CONTAMINATION —- that went into the Aquifer?

What is going into the aquifer everyday as more of the Gypsum Stack FALLS IN and the waterfall continues?

How can they possibly repair this to be PERMANENTLY SEALED Over the Fragile Limestone substrate?

Why wasn’t this plant SHUT DOWN by the DEP and EPA subject to an investigation of how this happened AGAIN.

What will be done now about the DEP and EPA doing NOTHING to protect the public since Aug 27? What happened minute by minute between Mosaic–DEP–EPA? Was it a Team Effort in DAMAGE CONTROL?

When will this go FEDERAL, as in FBI?

If you don’t think this ties back to the Draglines digging in Hardee County filling up railroad cars with phosphate rock…….

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