Thieves in Riverview Steal Deputy’s Firearm’s

Seems there is a thief walking the neighborhood of Riverview in Wauchula. On Mar 21st 2019 three citizens (4 vehicles) called in minor thefts. All 3 citizens had cash stolen from their vehicles. One of the victims was Deputy Michael Lake from the Hardee County Sheriff’s Department. In his case the items stolen from his vehicle were a Remington 870 12 gauge pump action shotgun and a Glock 21 45cal semiauto pistol with a 13 round clip, Also loaded as states below. All belonging to the Hardee County Sheriff’s Department. As of 4:00PM today the firearms have Not been recovered.

I would probably bet that these thefts were a bunch of local teenage kids out causing trouble since the most of the items stolen were small amounts of cash and the fact that the wallets and credit cards were left behind.

However at the same time we now have someone wandering the streets with Hardee County Sheriff’s Department Firearms. My question is, why did this Deputy leave his firearms in an unlocked vehicle? What’s the Policy at the Sheriff’s Office for something like this?

And why is it that when shit happens at the Hardee Sheriff’s Department it’s always a certain deputy involved? Sheriff Lanier wanted to fire this deputy over an incident in Bowling Green where the deputy jumped on the back of a handcuffed suspect and slapped him on his head and said, “Told ya we’d get you mother fucker” but Davis talked him out of it. Wonder if Lanier will act on this issue?

(BG PD handcuff’s subject. Deputy Lake approaches, jumps on suspects back and yells “Told ya we’d get you mother fucker”)

Two Off duty Deputies involved in Off Duty accident.

The Death of LEO K9 Daisy

Not long after I posted this information the Hardee County Sheriff’s Department posted this to their Facebook page. Funny how they made it seem like it was the Deputies personal items when in fact they were the property of the Sheriff’s Department. The report even states the Sheriff’s Department as a victim :/

Moral of this story is Lock your doors and Law Enforcement Officers, NEVER leave your firearms in an unlocked vehicle!! Oh And to the morons that stole the firearms, It would probably be a good idea to somehow return them. js

Anyone can help keep Hardee County officials accountable by submitting anonymous information to me at or by donating below.

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