City Employee’s TERMINATED because of Nepotism.

City Employee’s TERMINATED because of Nepotism


Well, that’s pretty much what a City Manager that hires Family probably doesn’t want people to see or hear.  The story you are about to read is REAL. Names have been changed to Protect the Innocent. (So if you see a real name they are GUILTY..js)

Before I get into it, lets look at the Definition of Nepotism: “the practice among those with power or influence of favoring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs.”

That being said, the LAST thing a City Manager should do is Hire a family member. Just because of his position we all now there’s a conflict. Which leads to the story of 2 employees that were recently terminated by the City of Wauchula. What did they do wrong? Nothing really. They went to work and did their jobs. Other employee’s seemed to really like these two and have said nothing but good things about them. So what happened? Well, You see, Ward Grimes who is the City Managers Cousin has, or had, two employees. There were some issues and both employee’s were set to talk (Complain about Ward) to Olivia Minshew and Terry Atchley. However, the day of their meeting, they were Terminated. Needless to say that happened before they could complain about Terry Atchley’s Cousin, Ward Grimes. 

Now, here’s the best part. Why they were Terminated. Seems the City is using a Digital time card system that allows employees to clock in online. They can do this from any PC and even an App on their smart phone. Once clocking in the from the App, GPS locks in your location so they know where you are when you log in. I’m assuming it does the same from a PC or at least logs the IP address of where you are. I’m still working on that. 

So, it seems these two employee’s were clocking in and out and were not actually working….One of them showed a clock-in time of Midnight and out at 3am….So, they both were terminated for falsifying time cards. Normally, case closed right? Nope, let’s think about this. Is this system “Secure”? Can it be exploited by other employees? Of course it can. First off, the user ID is the First letter of your first name, then your last name. For instance, mine would be wghost, then of course your pass code. Now, how easy is it to get other employee’s pass codes? Just stand behind them and watch. And lets not forget, if it’s connected to the Internet,  there’s a good chance it can be exploited. Oh and Terry, this would probably be a good time to have ALL employee’s change their codes..js. 

So in this case, 2 people were Terminated for falsifying their time cards. Did the City look at the location when they clocked in? If it shows them clocking in at the warehouse, did they bother to watch the Surveillance cameras to verify it was them? What evidence do they have that PROVES these 2 employees did wrong? Did Ward or anyone else have their codes and do this? 

Now, lets back step for a minute. at this same time, and actually every since this system was put into place, there have been issues with it. Other supervisors have stated that it showed their employee’s clocking in at weird hours also….It’s extremely ODD that these 2 people were scheduled to Complain about Ward Grimes to Olivia Minshew and Terry Atchley, but before that happened they were TERMINATED for an obvious malfunction in their Digital Time Card System. Was it because these employees finally had enough and were standing their ground about Ward being arrogant and putting down female employees? Was Ward behind this? Were they fired because it was ordered by Terry Atchley due to them complaining about Ward? Is Ward a well liked employee? Hell no, most employees can’t stand to work with him. 

We all know these two employees are INNOCENT. Yet the City Commissioners close their eyes to what Terry Atchley does to City Employees. You 5 will be held accountable. 

Yes, City Commission and Atchley, As you are reading this, you should be reading the Public Records Request that I just sent in, I sent it to all of you, including a few other agencies along with a link to this page.  I’m requesting a Copy of the records that show these 2 employees clocking in at weird hours (those records they were terminated for) and copies of the Digital recordings from the Warehouse cameras and any other evidence you used to Terminate these employees. 

Terry, You can only fuck people for so long. When people finally start to stand, is when you need to worry. Guess what? They are STANDING. 

Email sent from one of the Employees to Olivia Minshew. Olivia never replied. 

Term - Copy



Love, Always and Forever,



PS: For more interesting reads on Terry Atchley and the City, check out the link below 🙂


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  1. They were not the only employees impaled on the sword after Asshole Atchley used them up and was done with them. It’s amazing how he got a whole crew, as well as warehouse flunkies, to lie and terminate an honest and hard-working man. BTW, this hard-working man is in a MUCH better place away from the COW. I kept my mouth shut for a long time after that happened, but I feel like his story needs to be told. To possibly be continued……..


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