Are Family Members of Hardee County Commissioners Making Millions From Mosaic?

Looking at the most recent purchases by Mosaic Fertilizer on Ed Wells Rd there are 7 purchases made in 2019.

First lets look at 22-33-26-0000-04330-0000, 27-33-26-0000-01520-000 and 27-33-26-0000-05920-0000.

These 3 properties belonged to Charles Knight and were sold to Mosaic on 8-26-2019 for a total of $2,100,000. The total value was only $614,730.

Now lets look at 27-33-26-0000-05930-0000.

This property again was owned by Charles Knight and sold to Mosaic on 8-29-2019. Selling price $450,000. It was valued at $174,931.

Moving in to Parcel ID 27-33-26-0000-05940-0000

This property is again owned by a member of the Knight family, Christopher Knight and was sold to Mosaic on 8-23-2019 for $475,200. The property value was $197,888.

And the last from that list is Parcel ID 27-33-26-0100-00001-0001.

This property was owned by Keith Knight and sold to Mosaic on 8-27-2019 for $936,500. The property value was $311,788.

The last Parcel 27-33-26-0000-01540-0000 is owned by the Dotson family but was previously owned by the Knights.

So between all the Knight Properties they made $2,707,450 above property value.

Just so happens these Knights are related to Hardee County Commissioner Rick Knight. What’s odd and what made me title this page “Are Family Members of Hardee County Commissioners Making Millions From Mosaic?” is the Knights properties are the ONLY properties that Mosaic purchased in that area and are the ONLY properties they own there.

Maybe Mosaic purchased the properties for test bores? Possibly, just odd that the property owner is related to a Commissioner. It also brings up the question if that Commissioner was involved or even if that Commissioner’s boss (Jim See Realty) was involved. And did this sale go through because of the connections to Commissioner Rick Knight. Many questions.


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