Open letter to Gov DeSantis

Gov Ron DeSantis,

In the past year I have submitted multiple complaints to Brian Hass, State Attorney 10th Judicial Circuit. Most of what I sent was considered “Local Gov Issues” and we were told we needed to take it up with our Local Commissioners. So we did. Our Commissioners not only ignore the public but they themselves have a hard time following the rules. Here are a few of this issues.

1-City Manager Violating his Contract and Violating the City Charter by not living in the City Limits.

He is also committing Homestead Exemption Fraud.

State Attorney says it’s a Local Issue. We questioned Commission but as usual, they would NOT respond to us. In fact when questions were asked, Citizens were BANNED from commenting on the City Facebook page and the City (Olivia Minshew-Assistant City Manager) Hide the comments from Public View. Ok, so now what?

I do give credit to the Florida State Department for looking into his residency. He provided all the information needed to show he lives at his City home. The problem is, HE DOES NOT LIVE THERE….

After that incident I also reported a City Commissioner for guess what? Yep, NOT living in the City. This came about after he was arrested for Domestic Battery.

2City Commissioner Violating the City Charter by NOT living in his District. This was submitted to the State Attorneys office and was Investigated. Chief Investigator Beverly Cone informed me she had everything she needed to take this Commissioner down. I expressed my concerns however that Brian would not allow her to continue they way she wanted. And as I suspected that’s exactly what happened. When I requested the status of the Investigation this is what I was told. “I wanted to update you on the status of Commissioner Smith’s investigation regarding living within the city limits of Wauchula.  Mr. Smith is currently residing within the city limits and as long as he continues to do so our office will not take any action against him.  The case will remain in pending status until the end of his term or until a new violation occurs.  We will not be investigating the City Manager’s residency as you have requested.  That is an issue for the Wauchula City Commission to consider.” 

Even tho they had all they needed and the Proof that this Commissioner was violating the Charter by not living in the City of Wauchula, Brian Hass allowed him to move back into the City and not pursue the issue.

3-In the last few weeks we have yet Another City Commissioner not living in the City Limits and using his position to Annex County property (His bother’s property that he lives in a duplex with) to the City. This Commissioner even bragged to the local news paper that he was an “Official resident of Wauchula” because his Drivers license and voters registration said so….Even tho he doesn’t own or live at that address.

Other issues;

Missing Drugs at the Hardee County Sheriff’s Dept & K9 Death

K9 Daisy’s Death Update

2 Off Duty Deputies involved in Accident – NO CITATIONS ISSUED

Mishandled Hurricane Charley Money

2015 LifeSync/CareSync Grand Jury Fiaso

 The rest can be found by clicking on the Corruption tab in the Menu.

So here’s the deal Gov DeSantis. We the Citizens of Hardee County have wondered why the City Commission would never do anything about the City Manager not living in the City Limits. It’s obvious, Commissioner’s are doing the same thing. ALL the Commissioners are aware of this yet turn their heads and ignore it. Is this who we want running our City?

As I said there are a lot more issues but as the State Attorney said they are Local issues that need to be taken up with our Commission. But, how can things get fixed when our Commissioners are guilty themselves?If you truly want to help this State, start by going after Local Corruption.

If our leaders can’t follow the rules and Charter that defines them, REMOVE them.

I urge all Citizens that feel the same way to Contact your office. Citizens, below you will find a list of emails to the Gov’s office. Email them and express your concerns and include a link to this page. If any email does not go through let me know.

If our Leaders can’t follow the rules, why should we?


My email is always open

Ron DeSantis

Lt Governor
Jeanette Nunez

Chief of Staff
Shane Strum

Deputy Chief’s of Staff
James Blair

Adrian Lukis


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  1. Wow. I was trying to find an email address when I was led here and I am so glad that I was. I don’t live in your county, but it’s the same everywhere. Keep up the good work!


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