Wauchula Dunkin Donuts

Local Hardee County Dunkin Donuts franchise bouncing employees paychecks and not reporting SS, Taxes and Child Support to State?

A few weeks ago citizens of Hardee County were talking about our local Dunkin Donuts going out of business. A local group on Facebook had posted this.

Good news is the store didn’t close. Bad news is, the employees checks are still bouncing.

I decided to post about this publicly and the response was, lets just say not cool. Not only are the employee’s checks bouncing but Social Security, Taxes and even child support payments aren’t being sent. The deductions are taken out of the paycheck, but not reported. One employee stated they worked there a year and NO SS or Taxes were reported to the state. Some employees have received W-2’s from last tax season and some haven’t. One stated he tax refund was being withheld because his employment can’t be verified.

Employees are also saying it’s hard to cash their checks because everyone in Hardee County knows they will bounce and won’t accept them so they have to go out of town to cash them. Doing this also has consequences for instance, Amscot will cash them but when they bounce Amscot charges the employee a $30 fee.

Another employee sent me a message explaining how his bank is closing his account because his paychecks bounced and after paying bills his account is in the negative and he has no other income.

Seems to me there are a ton a legal issues here. And from what I’ve been told this is and has been an ongoing issue. Employees get hired, get screwed and quit. Question is, who will step in and defend these employees and help them get back what they have lost?

If you are an Attorney and would like to help, please email me at wau@wauchulaghost.com. I will be more than happy to get you in contact with these employees.

To all the employees that are tired and what justice, contact Masha at WFLA at msaeidi@wfla.com or send me an email with your contact info.

Have a Great Day & Sail Safe!


Anyone can help keep Hardee County officials accountable by submitting anonymous information to me at wau@wauchulahgost.com or by donating below.


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  1. Well I was just not long ago the assistant Manager at this very store I finally walked out and quit I still can’t get them to pay me my last two paychecks said it would be mailed to me I quit the end of July and still havent gotten paid


  2. I worked a whole month and as I went to get my first check there wasn’t one for me, they paid me $250 out of the register. So I could go pay my bills. Then the following day they said they over paid me and I owed them $100 which I don’t see how I worked over a month for only $150. Turned out I wasn’t even an employee for them I was working there and wasn’t even put in there system. Worked there for a few months and it was alway no checks on check days, can’t cash them for so many days, or they would ask one of us to drive over a hour away to pick up everyone’s checks and bring them back to the store & also pick up Arcadia’s.


  3. I was also an employee at the Wauchula location and had the same exact problems listed in both of the comments above. I gave my all when I was at work, even filled in for other employees when they needed someone. My first paycheck was paid to me by cash from the now fired manager of the store and wasn’t correct. She didn’t even know my exact hours worked. My bank account is still currently negative, my child support didn’t get paid, and have struggled in paying bills since working for them. I don’t know what to do with all of this anymore. I was in regular contact with the general manager for a while after I no longer worked there because she acted like she cared about the problem. But then one day she just quit answering or responding to me at all. If you have any information on what my next step would be I’d greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you,
    Ashley Noles


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