Meet the Cartel – Part 2

Meet the Cartel – Part 2

As you read in Part 1, Cartel members range from County Officials to the County Attorney and even up to the State Attorney’s office. Some of you might still be a little hesitant to believe this. However, keep reading, some things will surprise you. This release was intended for next Monday, however after today with the Shutting Down of CareSync, I decided to release it early. This all started with the County giving State Rep James Grant 7.25 Million dollars for a grant to build an app for the Health field. It went to hell from there. So much corruption and fraud with this Grant, even today. So if your wondering how such a prosperous company can shut the doors, take the time and read what I have below regarding the Grand Jury on the LifeSync Grant money, then you will understand the ENTIRE company was bound to fail at some point. 


This episode of Meet the Cartel is about the 2015 LifeSync Grand Jury fiasco. Again many of you probably have no idea what that was about. If you don’t know, you can find out more HERE. As always, I try to expose Facts and the truth. This one is kinda long but well worth the read. 

This was the Investigation into the Hardee County Industrial Development Authority and the 7.25 Million dollar grant (LifeSync-James Grant-Travis Bond, now CareSync). I’m not going into detail about the money and how the County wasted it, instead I’m going to explain a little about how things went down with the Grand Jury, the laws that were broken  and basically show you how the Cartel works and how far up the chain it runs so bare with me.


Grand Jury Selection


“The Grand Jury convened by your Office also draws serious questions on conduct and impartiality. Questions on how the jurors were selected and from what pool, what evidence was presented and withheld, how deliberations were conducted and the role of State Attorney Jerry Hill and Judge Marcus Ezelle in writing the final Presentment.” ~Hank Kuhlman

The process for selecting a Grand Jury is the Clerk of Courts sends out summons to people within the 3 County circuit. Then, they all come in on a certain date and are advised they will be on call by the Judge.  In this case it was Marcus Ezelle. Anyone with conflicts etc can fill out a form and be recused by the Judge if there’s an issue. Once called back in they are interviewed by the State Attorney and the Judge and are selected from there. In this case, ALL Jurors were from Hardee County.   One of the first jurors selected was Autumn Blum, whom is currently and was at the time, receiving funds from the same agency she was suppose to be investigating and had an office inside the LifeSync building……Conflict of Interest?

How can such a person even be selected and NO ONE says anything? Not even County Attorney Ken Evers spoke up and he handles not only the BOCC, but the EDC/IDA/EDA. He also knew Autumn had a conflict of Interest due to her business relationship with the IDA/EDC. There were also numerous jurors related to County Attorney Ken Evers on the Jury.  It’s important to note Autumn remained on the Jury almost to the end, when she was finally removed after multiple complaints were filed due to her relationship with the IDA/EDC. The other interesting fact is the ex Sheriff, Loren Cogbun was on the Jury, Jerry Hill and Judge Ezelle made him the Grand Jury foreman. This is HIGHLY unusual for an Ex-LE officer to even be on a Grand Jury. 

The State attorney at the time, Jerry Hill, and Judge Marcus Ezelle both knew how the Grand Jury selection process worked. But still they treated is like a normal jury process, not a Grand Jury process by selecting Jurors from Hardee County instead of the 3 County Circuit. Jury tainted? Hand picked for the job? You bet it was.


Grand Jury Deliberation / Presentment

Next, Lets talk about the Presentment itself and how it was created. If you look at the Presentment you will see 16 Juror’s signed it. Did those 16 jurors actually participate? Where they all present and accounted for? Nope. Here’s what happened. Jerry Hill picked 4 jurors and they (including Jerry and Foreman, Cogburn) met privately (See image below).  The Presentment was then created and the rest of the Juror’s were asked to wait and sign it. Was that legal? Hell NO. Was it legal for Jerry Hill to be in the same room? Hell NO. But it happened. Will Jerry and Haas Deny this happened, You bet they will. But I can assure you if this issue was pushed and Federal subpoenas were issued for statements from all the Juror’s, the result would surprise you. All this information isn’t just hearsay, they are in fact statements that came from a few of the Jurors.




Jerry Hill Dictated the findings and used his position to basically make the Jurors do exactly what he wanted. At this point the Jurors are Innocent, Nothing that happened was their fault. They were doing exactly what the State Attorney told them to do.  Why wouldn’t they right? I’m sure it was kind of intimidating, plus, they had no idea how this  process works. All of the Jurors are Good, descent, hard working people, it’s not their fault they got caught up in this. But, this whole Grand Jury was a setup from the beginning, which makes it ALL CRIMINAL.

So at this point, the Grand Jury/Presentment is NULLIFIED!! They actually knew this too. You will see in the next step. It’s almost like it was done on purpose giving the County a hint to do the next step. This has been a total waste of Taxpayers Money and a waste of the Jurors time. Not to mention the State Attorney committed a Criminal Act. 

Some of you may read the Presentment and say that it was condemning the IDA/EDC and the County for the way the Grant was handled and you are correct. It was Jerry Hill’s way of not indicting anyone but still scolding them and covering his ass. We can only assume that the next step was planned prior. Why else would the State Attorney intentionally Nullify the Presentment. 

If you NOTICE, the Presentment was SEALED. Why? To hide what happened? To cover someones ass? Why HIDE it from the PUBLIC?



Creation of County Resolution 15-14 defying the “Nullified / Bogus” Presentment 

Now, how can they get away with Not following the recommendation of the Grand Jury, (“the one that is already Nullified due to the State Attorney Jerry Hill’s actions”) and protect themselves? Meet with the County officials and create a Resolution commending the IDA and basically Bashing the Jurors and Citizens. I’m not even kidding here or going to try to explain how ridiculous it is. See for yourself HERE. But I do have to give you a preview. How about that for Bullshit?

15-14ss - Copy

Local Citizen Hank Kuhlman was and is the one spearheading the investigation into how the funds were wasted and where the money went. So much unaccounted for.  He is also the one that filed the complaints. But, not giving up yet, he filed a law suit against the County for Failure to comply with a Public Records request regarding documents from the LifeSync Grant. This whole ordeal with this Grant went of for a few years. At this point the State Attorney knew Hank wouldn’t back down, so as a last ditch effort, Jerry Hill sent this letter (Hand delivered to Ken Evers and Bill Lambert only) advising that the “IDA is Violating the Public Records Laws of our State”. Jerry Hill was hoping the issuance of this letter would please Mr. Kuhlman and he would back down. Sorry Jerry, NOT gonna happen. See, WE know what you did, now, so does everyone else. And remember, the County Attorney (Ken Evers) is in the Middle of all this and he’s running for Hardee County Judge?


“It is my hope that the IDA and it’s principal officers and advisors are not intentionally violating the law, and that after I outline the problem herein, that it will take immediate steps to release public records to the public it was formed to serve. If not, this office may without further notice take enforcement action both civil and criminal in nature against those responsible”

Jerry Hill did a Great Job of covering his ass and leaving it to fall on the County and Judge Marcus Ezelle. (This is what happens when things go bad. Everyone tries to make sure their ass is covered and puts the blame on others.) 

Listen in this Video as 2 Pillars of the Community speak out against this issue and how the EDC/IDA operate. 



Jerry Hill  FAILED the Grand Jury selection process by not selecting people from the 3 County Circuit. 

Jerry Hill and Marcus Ezelle FAILED the Grand Jury selection process by Selecting people that had Business relationships WITH the same entity that was being Investigated.

Jerry Hill and Marcus Ezelle FAILED the Grand Jury Selection process by selecting jurors RELATED to those being Investigated.

Jerry Hill FAILED the Deliberation process by being in the same room with the jurors during the Deliberation.

Jerry Hill FAILED the Deliberation process by helping create the Presentment.

Hardee County Commission and County Attorney Ken Evers FAILED to represent the Citizens and FAILED to support the jurors by Creating Resolution 15-14 condemning the Jurors and Citizens of Hardee County. Meet the Cartel!!!



WOW, Did you get all that? 


I’m no rocket scientist or legal expert, I’m just a ghost, but it appears there’s a few Criminal Acts in all this and it appears to be premeditated. I think the Biggest issue here is how the State Attorney at the time went out of this way to make sure the County was satisfied with the result. Why else would he purposely nullify the Grand Jury Presentment. Personally, I think the Federal Government should intervene as this isn’t the first case of Criminal Acts involving Local and State Gov Officials, remember Part 1?



This health care startup closed. Millions in taxpayer money is gone. Now what?



As of today, June 21st 2018, CareSync has SHUT DOWN AND LET ALL 200 EMPLOYEES GO. So, after all the crap the County Officials and State Officials went through to make sure this Grant was left alone, not to mention all the Criminal Acts they performed, Hardee County is still out over 7 Million dollars, Employees are OUT OF JOBS and now we will NEVER recover that money. Word is that Travis Bond was Bankrupt and the New owner reviewed the financials and shut the doors. What did they find? Are the Feds closing in? Is it time the Wauchula Cartel finally pays the price? We can only hope so. Oh and the sad thing is, So many Local Officials benefited from this Grant. Including Commissioners kids…But that’s for another day. 


Lastly, it looks like Hank Kuhlman was right all along about this Grant. For more information on how the County misuses Funds and more, check out these 2 pages. Myself, I try and focus on City and County Officials and the Rules, Policies, Procedures and Laws that they are violating. 

Wake Up Hardee

Hardee County Truth


Love, Always and Forever,


“Sometimes you have to stand up for what you believe in,” he told CNNMoney. “If you want change, you have to make that change, even if it means doing something illegal.”

CNNMoney (New York)First published June 16, 2016: 3:03 PM ET

WauchulaGhost // Hardee County



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