2020 Elections – Hardee County

Welcome to my Hardee County Elections page.


Hardee County Citizens wanted Change and they got it. Congrats to all the citizens who voted the corruption out of our community!

Active Registered Voters

as of 07/24/2020


Hardee County Supervisor of Elections

Hardee County Tax Collector

Currently held by Jacki Johnson

April Lambert

Hardee County Sheriff

Currently held by Arnold Lanier

Vincent (Vent) Crawford

Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Email

Paul E Davis Jr

Website / FaceBook / Email

William Brett Dowden

Facebook / Email

Kevin T White

Rosie Wendell

Website / Facebook / Email

John M Eason

Facebook / Website / Email

Hardee County Supervisor of Elections

Patty M Clark

Diane Smith (Incumbent)

Judy Wilson


Hardee County School Brd District 3

Claire E. Cornell

Raafat Z. Zakhary

Hardee County School Brd District 2

Bryan Birge

Richard Daggett

Mildred Carter Smith (Incumbent)

Superintendent of Schools

Robert (Bob) Shayman (Incumbent)

Hardee County Property Appraiser

Kathy L Crawford (Incumbent)

Hardee County Clerk of Courts

Victoria Rogers (Incumbent)

Board of County Commissioners District 1

Colon L Lambert (Incumbent)

Sandy Kay Meeks

FaceBook / Email

Donald Samuels

Board of County Commissioners District 3

Frederick (Rick) Knight (Incumbent)

Dawn Renee Wyatt

Board of County Commissioners District 5

Judith Greenwell George


Sleepy Mike Thompson (Incumbent)

Facebook / News Story

Horace E. Graham Jr


Timothy (Tim) Edward Wells

Facebook / Email

Anyone can help keep Hardee County officials accountable by submitting anonymous information to me at wau@wauchulahgost.com or by donating below.



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  1. As of right now Crawford has my vote for Sheriff. I’m sure the new year will probably bring more a few more candidates into the runnin .
    Supervisor of Education I will have to go with Clark.


  2. Brett Dowden has been a fair and great officer in Hardee County for over 20 years he knows the people of Hardee and will always place them above himself.


    KEVIN T WHITE our OK…!!!!!!!! Citizen of Hardee county needs to do research on some of the one running. .
    I worked for the Hardee County Sheriff’s Office and some people forget that their are people who remember that we know a few truthful store. What i have seen the wrong questions are being ask. Theirs more to all the post that have been written or asked. Some people have places and dates records keep. Just saying.


    1. I will not vote for anybody from this county That’s the problem people from this county are not cleaning it up they’re contributing to the problem. If you don’t think so look at our county it’s petallic


  4. Someone needs to interview a few people that know the ones that are running for sheriff!
    Mr. Crawford has my vote if I was still living in Hard up county.


    1. Mine too. I known Rosie since 1989 worked with her before she went to the Sheriff’s Department. She’s shown honesty and integrity in every way for as long as I’ve known her.


  5. I was raised the Hard up county and I know Rosie,Kevin,Brett,Eddie,Vent if I was still living in Hard up county I would 100% vote for Rosie
    She is up front and honest and is not part of the “Good oh boy” club .Kevin is ok but a different story.
    Brett hahaha what a JOKE that’s a different story right there I could sit down and tell you a few things. Eddie he thinks he is KING GOD of the sheriff’s office and Vent has always had respect for everyone and is a great man and wants the “a good boy” image out.
    I know all this I worked with Rosie,Kevin,Eddie,Brett


  6. Vent Crawford is one of the best men I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. He is what HCSO has needed for years.


  7. You are on to something about voter fraud in 1992. This is a felon, and the only reason they were not prosecuted is that “the good old boy” system was in place. The state’s attorney did not want to prosecute because older people would go to prison. Keep digging and posting the facts. The people need to know before they vote.


  8. Many people have forgotten about the 1992 election fraud. The election was between Ricky Dick and Jeff Maddox. Fraud was discovered and certain people were identified as playing a large part in “helping” people vote. This is a felony where these people were not prosecuted, but still a felony! Interesting that one of these people who took part in this is running for sheriff! Some people may not care, but others might still care about the difference between right and wrong!


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