When Corrupt Officials go too far on Facebook

Here in Wauchula, there are a few activists that have been exposing the County (EDA/IDA) for wasting millions of dollars. These activists run a few Facebook pages. One is called Wake Up Hardee (Link to Page) and the other is Hardee County Truth (Link to Page) and of course myself.

This page isn’t about these groups tho. It’s about how the County (EDA/IDA) officials and the ones receiving funds from the IDA/EDA try to go after the Activists and to what lengths they will go. 

Recently a few pages appeared bashing Wake Up Hardee and Hardee County Truth. Here are those pages.

Hardee County Facts Vs Fiction

Hardee Wake Up Now

Hardee County Fraud Alert

If you take a look at these pages they are more or less bashing, harassing and even inciting violence. If we take a look at the screenshot below you can see a post on Hardee Wake Up Now. It’s referencing a photo of Autumn Blum giving the “Finger” to Hank Kuhlman at an IDA meeting. The comment below the image states “And why do you pretend you didn’t know this was for you Kemosabe? Kemosabe is a name that page has given Hank Kuhlman. Notice who liked the image (Autumn Blum). You have to know that Autumn has received a lot of funds from the IDA/EDA and is under fire at the moment.

Capture - Copy

Now let’s look at the page Hardee County Facts Vs Fiction. In the image below you can see again, Autumn Blum Comments and even likes another post bashing the groups that are exposing her. There are much more with Autumn. But how did Autumn know about these pages? 

blum-2 - Copy

Now, who else supports these Harassing pages? Well, let’s s take a look. In the image below you can see Vanessa Hernandez from the EDA/IDA. 

likes1 - Copy

And again here is Vanessa.

Likes2 - Copy

And of course, none of this would be anything without the support of the Hardee County EDA/IDA Director, Bill Lambert.

lambert - Copylambert2 - Copy

lambert3 - Copy

Now, this is when it gets Interesting. The image below is an aerial view of someone’s house, along with it,  this post also lists personal information including address and phone numbers. It’s called Doxing. While Doxing may not be illegal,  it is, however, illegal to use this information to harass and or intimidate. Which is clearly the purpose of these pages.


So far we have a few pages harassing local citizens (and a Ghost) who are fighting against corruption. We also have members of the EDA/IDA who support these harassing pages. Again, how did they even know about these pages? Let’s move on to the next photo. In the photo below, a citizen makes a comment about burning a house down and Karma…Inciting Violence? Sure looks like it. And remember, Hardee County Officials are supporting these pages…..Oh and Duane lamely is a friend of Autumn Blum :/ 

threat - Copy

If you notice, you see a lot of interaction between Hardee County Facts Vs Fiction and Hardee Wake Up Now. Almost like the same person is on both accounts.  Now the fun begins. Who is behind some of these pages? Well, The older account Hardee County Fraud Alert was run by Freddy Juarez, he’s the City Managers daughter’s boyfriend. Makes sense now. A report was filed against that account and facebook replied: “Looks like Freddy Juarez deleted those posts”. LOLOL, Facebook fail…Anyway, As I was going through the Hardee Wake Up Now, I decided to check the metadata on the images that were posted. Guess what? Remember Autumn Blum from the beginning, the one that was receiving funds from the EDA/IDA?

The one that was in the picture giving the “Finger”, The one that has commented and liked posts from these harassing pages? 

lol - Copy


Ok,  check out this image.


2 - Copy

See that picture of Kuhlman? Now, let’s run a check on the MetaData for that image. 

Sign - Copy

Wait…What? Who’s John W Nussbaum? Just to be on the safe side I ran another check. 

1 - Copy

Yep. Data is valid. Now let’s find out who John W Nussbaum is…….Are ya ready?

john - Copy

blum6 - Copy

WOW, That’s Autumn Blum’s Boyfriend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

It’s funny because he even liked a few posts from these pages from his personal Facebook account……

nussbaum - Copyshares - Copy

Amazing how stupid these people are and to what lengths they will go. So why go through all this trouble if the Activists are wrong…Maybe, because they are Right.

What’s funny is Bill Lambert making the comment “I don’t know who you are…” Seriously Bill? It’s even funnier that it’s all EDA/IDA people involved. Oh, and we can’t forget Mr. Atchleys Daughters boyfriend too…..All ties to County and City people creating Facebook pages to Harass and try to Intimidate Citizens.   

What’s even funnier is soon after I posted about a Surprise for these pages on Facebook, 2 of them deactivated. Someone feeling guilty?

So Lex and County Commissioners…You approve of this? Asking for a friend…

And for the rest of you involved? I’ll find you soon. 🙂

Love Always & Forever



Seems I was right about Nussbaum being behind that account after all. 😉 So Nussbaum is the Boyfriend of Autumn Blum, the one sucking funds from the EDA/IDA for her Stream2Sea products. Nice way to do business Autumn. Your BF is Great with words. 

Capture3 - Copy

I also archived these pages in case they deactivated or deleted. Good thing I did 🙂