The Flowered Canvas – Custom Acrylic Paintings


Painting My Way Through Life

I started painting a few years ago and mainly did it only for myself and my friends. However, I did them mostly for myself because I would grow so attached to the paintings. After becoming a mother and various things happening in life, I decided to try to detach myself and also reach out to paint custom works. Through this, I was able to find a way to raise funds for the things my daughter and I needed. And I am continuing to do so.

I can paint most anything that you might want. If you find pictures or have pictures, or even if its changing color schemes on the paintings I have currently. I am more than happy to do it and I am very flexible. 

All listings can be repainted or offered in a print version rather than on canvas. Message me for any custom work or changes you’d like to see on current listings. If there is a current piece that you would like smaller, just message me and I will create a new listing for you. Especially if there are color changes or personalizations.



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