What happens at the Sheriff’s Office no longer stays at the Sheriff’s Office. An inside look at a corrupt Department.

In the past year or so we have seen some pretty messed up issues at the Sheriff’s Department.

Missing Drugs Investigation

K9 Daisy Death

Firearms stolen out of Deputy’s car

Deputy Arrested for DUI

State Attorney tosses Murder Case; Criticizes HCSO in Court Filing

Hardee County Deputy Arrested for for Drug Possession

Hardee Deputies and Drugs?

Multiple sources have told me about how some Deputies had/have drug addiction problems and some are still there. They Say Cpt Eddie Davis protects them. Here are a few interesting parts of convos. Most is referring to Deputy Clay Nicholson. Most people here know what goes on but are afraid of retaliation. Me, not so much. After I sent this to the Hardee Sheriff’s Department, one of my sources was arrested by the US Marshal Service. It’s not good when Drug dealers deal and druggies use, but when it’s a Deputy, It’s OK? In the messages below Eddie Davis is the Captain at the Sheriffs Department and Clay is on the Drug Task Force (DTF).

Now this next part goes along with the saying from an old timer years ago, he said “We are a state within a state and are covered all the way to the Governors office”. So the Sheriff’s Department is covered all the way to FDLE?

This is just to give you an idea of what goes on at the Sheriff’s Department. Now do you want Eddie as Sheriff? Eddie, you and Clay need to RESIGN!

If anyone else has information please don’t hesitate to contact me. wau@wauchulaghost.com