New County Manager Bailed?

Let’s recap the whole County Manager position. So the County Commission hired a company and paid them 5K to find candidates. Once they had a list they paid to have a few of them flown in for interviews and paid for their hotels.

They also had I believe 2 people apply in house. One had over 30 years experience and worked under Lex Albritton if I remember correctly. But, after all the interviews the Commission chose Patrick Jordan. This is the guy that changes jobs every 2 years and earlier this year he applied for a job in Alaska. One question that I doubt any of the Commissioners asked him was why he changed jobs every 2 years? One Citizen Christy Lanier did ask and he replied, I’m spreading my options. Seems to me that’s a VERY important question that Commission should have asked given his job history and the fact that he’s been seeking other jobs as well. See below.

Nevertheless our Commissioners hired him. They also gave him a home that the county owns for FREE FOR 2 YEARS. Not only that the Commission paid County employees to install a fence around the house because Patrick has dogs.

Being me as always, I sent Patrick an email. And he responded.

I was THRILLED that he invited me to coffee. I haven’t had coffee and a convo in a very long time. But unfortunately that isn’t going to happen. You see……


So Commissioners, when you have a person in house that has been there for 30 years obviously she can hold a job longer that 2 years and OBVIOUSLY she cares about the Community.

My question to Commission is, even tho Janet has retired will they contact her as she was the 2nd choice? Will they offer her the SAME package and HOUSE as they gave Patrick that he just BAILED on?

Bravo Commissioners, Epic FAIL and a waste of Taxpayer money! There will be an emergency BOCC meeting tomorrow at 8:30AM.

Love Always & Forever,