Missing Drug Investigation

I honestly don’t know where to begin so I’ll just start. Below is the front page of the original story. (Link to UF archives) At the bottom of this page will be images of the current story.

Mystery of the SIX employees

As you read in the current story from this week you will see that this investigation lasted 70 weeks and multiple agencies assisted in the investigation. In the first paragraph it states that “A 70-week multi-agency probe into missing evidence at the Hardee County Sheriff’s Office has resulted in the resignation of six employees.”

The State Attorney Brian Haas also states “It is my understanding that as many as six members of the Hardee County Sheriff’s Office, who were involved in these matters, have either resigned or been terminated.”

Curious about those “six” employees I emailed the Sheriff’s Office and asked for a list. In the meantime multiple sources sent me six names, they all matched. But then I received an email back from the Sheriff’s Office. See below.

Well, there’s 3. What the hell happened to the other 3? Or are these the scape goats Lanier and Davis concocted?

According to my records and multiple sources, these are the last SIX people that either resigned or were terminated since the investigation started. Supposedly one of them resigned for having an affair with another employee.

Michael Lake – Resigned. I requested his resignation and was informed it was verbal.

Chris Bandy – Supposedly fired.

Soto – Supposedly failed probation and was fired.

Christopher Albritton – Resigned for personal reasons. Funny thing about this is I requested his resignation. Copy HERE. Notice how Lanier denied his request date. Almost like they wanted him gone.

Patricia Richy – Resigned, supposedly a forced resignation

John Shiver – Resigned. Supposedly a forced resignation

So, are these the SIX that the Sheriff’s Office informed the Herald Advocate about and the same SIX that the State Attorney talks about? Or is this just another case of Incompetence within the Sheriff’s Office and State Attorney’s office. Or is it that neither agency can actually count? Pretty sure the State Attorney was right in his comment about Incompetence, but he should probably think about what he says and how it will backfire on him.

Problem with Impact on future prosecutions.

When the State Attorney made the comment “I write to express my concerns for potential impact on future prosecutions”, I doubt he was referring to FUTURE prosecutions. I’m sure any lawyer will agree that knowing the SO had a MAJOR problem with drugs being entered into evidence (weight etc), that it will be a HUGH problem with current and even past cases. In other wards, if you have been charged, reopen your case. You will probably win due to the lack of training on evidence at the SO. They really have no clue what you had…smh. I’ve been told 2 cases have been thrown out already 😳

Question about the Safe

Another thing that caught my eye was a comment made by FDLE Special Agent Gibson regarding the safe that some of the drugs were missing from. He stated “The safe could not be opened without knowing the code and that using the key alone could not open the safe”. Information sent to me related to the safe states that the safe had a code and key. The key was a backup in case the code part failed or code was forgotten. Not that it required both for entry.

Incompetence-Was It Staff or Sheriff?

Now going back to two of the employee’s that were “forced” to resign, Patricia Richy and John Shiver. It’s my understanding from reading the story and hearing from my sources that neither of the 2 actually had the proper training to do the job to the best of their ability. I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer but shouldn’t this fall on Sheriff Lanier or Eddie Davis? Aren’t THEY the ones running the whole department? Why go after an employee if the BOSS didn’t provide the proper training? This problem would have kept going and Lanier/Davis would have done nothing if this missing drugs never happened. They should have been the ones held accountable. These violations of Richy and Shiver are Policy violations that call for suspension, NOT FORCED RESIGNATION. But, due to the Incompetence as stated by the State Attorney, these two employees took the fall.

Promotions during Open Internal Investigations

A source familiar with the Sheriff’s Department was telling me about a policy that basically states “No Promotions during Open Internal Investigations”. I’m really not sure but it does make perfect sense. Yet, promotions were given according to a memo from Sheriff Lanier. If anyone can confirm the policy let me know.

Now the last thing I want to talk about has nothing do to with the missing drugs but it needs to be heard.

Eddie Davis & Matt Tinsley

So this is very Interesting and I’m curious if this happened to Rosie Wendell. Not long ago Matt Tinsley decided to run for Sheriff. That was until Eddie Davis got ahold of him. Something to the affect of If you like your job you won’t run. Of course Matt withdrew. Unfortunately I have no proof of this, only information from multiple sources. If you ask Matt I’m sure he will deny, matter a fact I know he will. I mean he does like his job. Eddie, not everyone is afraid of you, js.

Message to Lanier and sidekicks

Long story short, the information that was given to the Herald Advocate is bullshit and lies. You haven’t told the whole story have you Sheriff? I’m betting the Feds might be more interested than your friends at FDLE and the SA’s office. What you think? I haven’t said all I want to say and for good reason. Your actions today PROVED that and YOU, Eddie and Matt know what I’m talking about. You should worry. Who are my sources? Everyone in this town that is fed up with your bullshit, that and the mics I have all over this place. lol. Are you going to go after everyone that talks to me? Good luck with that? Everyone you go after will come to me and I will do everything in my power to help them. Please don’t forget I have a big mouth and know a lot of people. Sleep well Sheriff.

Folks, if you are tired of all the bullshit going on here in Hardee County, voice your opinion at the polls. Vote for Change. If you don’t know what positions are open or who’s running, check out my Elections Page. And remember these issues with the Sheriff’s Office and WHO was in charge.

UPDATE – FEB 12TH 2020

So Sheriff Lanier is a lil “angered and disgusted” at what has been said and of the broken sheriff’s badge in last weeks paper. He rambles on and on about how transparent they are and how they do not try and hide or cover things up. It’s actually funny if you read it. I believe it’s the first time I’ve seen the Sheriff throw a public temper tantrum.

Anyway, he goes on to talk about the employees that resigned and were terminated. But still doesn’t clarify what I wrote about above. He and the State Attorney BOTH talked about 6 employees. But as you read above they only send me 3. Now, if you read the Sheriff’s tantrum in the paper this week he basically says “2” resigned in lieu of termination. It’s important to remember these actions were for policy violations that normally call for suspension. BUT, they needed a scapegoat. So at this point it’s anyones guess who was fired for what and how many actually resigned/retired.

But as Sheriff Lanier said, “We did not hide or try to cover up any misdoings” lol, Oh yes you did and still are. If everyone only knew half the shit you and Eddie have covered up……..

Or maybe they will soon. 🙂

You can read the Sheriff’s rant below.

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