Missing Drugs and LEO K9 Death

On Sept 27 I received information that there were Drugs Missing from the Hardee County Sheriff’s Department, unfortunately I could not verify the details. I did post on Facebook about the Investigation.


Ok, so this part of the Rumor Mill is True. Seems the K9 (Drug Dog) at the Sheriff’s Office has misplaced his drugs…I’m wondering if they are at the old CareSync building. If I remember correctly they were doing an exercise there not long ago..And yes, there is an open Investigation. Was it the dog or maybe a deputy? Or is it like the old saying and the dog ate the homework? Time till tell. 👻

Will update on the rest when I have more info.


In the Oct 18th edition of the Herald Advocate it was on the Front Page. However not many details were given due to the fact that FDLE has an open Investigation.


On Oct 18th 2018 I received information that a Hardee County Sheriff K9 had passed away. There was nothing in the local paper or even on the Sheriff’s website or Facebook page so I sent a Records Request the Sheriff’s Dept asking for any and all reports involving a K9 death within the last few months. The next day I received this:


There are so many issues and questions that are being raised about this K9 Death. First off, Daisy was a Certified LEO K9. She has rights and should be Honored just like any other LEO. Was she recognized Publicly? There’s no mention of her death anywhere. Why? Was this K9 Death Investigated? Was an autopsy completed? Was poison the cause of death?

Let’s recap this tragic loss of a Certified LEO K9

1-Gramoxone was put into a water bottle
3-Label also states :RESTRICTED USE PESTICIDE”
4-Was Lake certified?
5-Why wait 4 days after he realized the bottle was empty to take Daisy to the Vet?
6-Why wasn’t the Public made aware that a Certified LEO (K9) passed away?
7-Why wasn’t this Deputy Investigated for this crime? Just imagine if a Child found that water bottle.


So much wrong with this incident but it’s typical Hardee County for you. Just like the accident Lake was involved in and covered up. 

Accident involving 2 off duty Deputies


Now here’s where this story turns. As citizens are commenting on my posts on Facebook, an account appears named “Robbing Urhouse”. This account is attacking citizens that are commenting. The odd thing was that whoever was behind this account seemed to be Law Enforcement related as they knew the history of the people they were attacking. After watching I posted this:


Shortly after this post the account was deactivated. Was it someone from Law Enforcement retaliating against the Citizens? Is there more to the Missing Drugs and the K9 death that aren’t being told? Is the phone number above Law Enforcement related? Surely a Deputy wouldn’t be stupid enough to use his cell number to create a fake account to harass citizens, or maybe it was the girlfriend of a  deputy. Either way, this has all been sent to State and Federal Agencies for review.

The death of  K9 Daisy is very suspicious. Was it poison or was that a cover up for something else? I’ve notified multiple Animal Rights Groups and News Outlets here in Florida. Hopefully the Truth will come out. Daisy deserves a Memorial and deserves to be Honored as the LEO she was. #Justice4Daisy