Hardee Deputy Arrested for DUI

On Oct 18 2019 I received a tip about a Hardee Deputy being arrested for DUI in Hillsborough County. As I checked the Hillsborough Sheriff’s website I found this.

Not sure if this was the deputy I sent an email to the Hardee County Sheriff’s Department asking if a Mitchell Hardee was currently employed or previously employed. They replied Yes he was still employed.

Still not sure of this was the same person I asked the public to confirm. Within minutes a few people messaged and said YES, this guy is the deputy that was arrested.

As most people in Hardee County read what I post I hinted that the Herald Advocate, our local paper, should publish this information. In the following weeks paper it made the front page.

So this deputy was arrested on 10-13-2019. I posted about it on Facebook on Oct 18th 2019 and the story ran in the Herald Advocate in Oct 24th 2019. Notice the Sheriff’s office didn’t fire him till the 23rd when the Herald Advocate reached out to them for comment, which goes with the info I received saying that Captain Eddie Davis was trying to keep this quiet, sorry about that Eddie but the public deserves to know what goes on here.


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