Missing Drugs – Hardee Sheriff’s Department

Back on Sept 2018 I was informed there were drugs missing from the Hardee County Sheriff’s lockup. Shortly after that the Herald Advocate published this story on Oct 18 2018.

Every since FDLE started the investigation I have made contact about every 30 days asking for a status update on this case. Up until this week it was always the same, “The Investigation is still ongoing and active”. However on May 28th 2018 when I emailed FDLE this was there response “I was informed that this case is now expected to be a long term investigation. I am not authorized to go into more details”.

The more I check into this case and the more information I receive the more sketchy everything seems.

From the story in the Advocate basically all we know for a fact is that drugs are missing.

A while back sources close to the SO informed me that the drugs missing were not located at the Sheriff’s Dept, they were stored in a safe at an offsite DTF location. The sources also said the key to the safe was in a desk in the same location and that it was cocaine and not a small amount. The drugs as stated in the article were drugs used in training the LEO K9’s. If this is true, that’s not very smart on the SO’s part.

More recently I heard of a lot of movement at the Sheriff’s Department. For example the Evidence Custodian at the time this Investigation started was moved from that position to the control room at the jail. From what I have been able to dig up it seems this person is related to a certain Detective on DTF who was just demoted. Sources also said it was possible that this transfer was related to the missing drugs. Unfortunately I can’t prove any of this and for the most part it is just hearsay but coming from multiple sources it’s worth noting. Normally I wouldn’t even comment on things like this without proof but I can prove however that the person was in fact moved from evidence to the control room. Here is the response from the Hardee Sheriff’s Department when I asked for documentation and the date of that transfer. Makes you wonder if was because of the current investigation..

Multiple sources also informed me that a DTF (Drug Task Force) Deputy had recently been demoted as a result of the missing drugs investigation. Curious if that were true I sent this email to the Sheriff.

I’m guessing they didn’t see the humor in that email but they did respond with his current rank, “he is a Deputy Sheriff in the Patrol Division”. I then requested any and all documents related to the transfer from DTF to Patrol. This is what they sent.

What’s odd is that Detective Lake was demoted to Patrol for failing to complete an offense narrative or finish an offense report on a case that was 3 years ago? At first I thought it might have been a mistake on the date so I emailed the SO for verification. Seems the date is correct. He also did not request a review board and there is no mention of the drugs.

Remember, this is the same deputy that was involved in an auto accident in which no citations were issued and was responsible for the death of K9 Daisy. But there was NO discipline for those? One can only assume this demotion is a cover up for something else.

Death of K9 Daisy

Accident involving 2 off duty deputies

Another Deputy, Chris Albritton, I’m told has resigned recently. However I have not yet received confirmation at this time.

One thing that really bothers me is how much of this is Eddie Davis responsible for? More than one person has told me that he “Protects DTF Deputies” and doesn’t always tell Sheriff Lanier everything that goes on. Is there more going on at the moment? Is FDLE getting anywhere with the investigation? Is the State Attorney working on something? Time will tell.

Last question is will Eddie Davis take the fall for a lot of the wrong doing at the SO? Maybe, just maybe he won’t be able to run for Sheriff, right Sheriff Lanier? 🙂