Attempted Ousting of County Manager – Employees Fired After Speaking Up.

I’m sure you all have seen the story in the Herald Advocate about the last County Commission Meeting. Some of you have seen my post about Commissioner Mike Thompson and some of you have been waiting to hear the rest of my thoughts on that meeting. I’ve broke it down in the 2 issues.


First issue is with County Commissioner Mike Thompson attempting to fire County Manager Lawrence McNaul. Mike spoke out for about 5 minutes as seen in the video below. One thing I do find hilarious is the way this so-called Commissioner talks (Watch and count how many times he says “um”, I dare you). Mike Thompson and Bill Lambert thought they were hiring a YES man when they hired McNaul.

It seems pretty clear cut that Mike has received multiple complaints against McNaul and is standing up for the employees. Which is awesome if that were the real reason for his actions. Unfortunately Commissioner Thompson is only capitalizing on those complaints and using them for his and Bill Lamberts benefit. What benefit you ask? A while back the County Manager got into an argument with Bill Lambert (EDA/IDA). What was the problem? McNaul would not listen to Bill and would not follow his lead. Since then Lambert and Thompson have been trying to “Oust” McNaul. Sad that Thompson is only using the employees complaints for his own gain. He doesn’t give a shit about them, never has and never will. He just needs McNaul out of his way.


In the second part of the Commission meeting 3 employees basically stood up and made their complaints public in regards to the County Manager McNaul. Although I find Issue 1 funny, Issue 2 is no joking matter. Listening to the complaints it is a little disturbing and I tend to believe them. Listening to some of the comments by Commissioners, I understand and agree that bringing in a new face with new ideas and a whole new way of managing can and will upset some employees. But at the same time if the accusations are true no one should have to work in a hostile work environment.

Watch the video below and listen to what the employees said in the Commission Meeting.

So should McNaul’s actions and behavior be looked into? Yes they should. These employees stated that they can’t go to HR due to the relationship between McNaul and Opal (HR). Rumors are there is more going on between the 2 than just a “Work” relationship. If true County Employees who have issues with McNaul are basically screwed and have no where to go. For them pleading to Commission, it was their last resort. But also good they did as the whole thing is on video. McNaul has protected Opal in the past. Remember the Insurance Fraud incident?

Since these employees stood up, they were terminated by McNaul. Apparently one of the interim replacements is a friend of McNauls. I’m no attorney but this seems like a clear cut case of Retaliation. Maybe even a violation of the Whistleblower Act. If you are one of these employees there is a very good attorney in south Florida that specializes in these types of cases. Here is their site Philips & Cohen.

We definitely need change in Hardee County but if this new County manager is guilty of what he’s being accused of, he needs to go.

If you want to view the entire Commission meeting, Click Here.

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