2nd Commissioner not living in the City

2nd Commissioner not living in the City

So what happens when a City Commissioner sells his home in the City Limits and moves into a home in the County but still wants to remain a City Commissioner? Well to the average person it’s a no win for the Commissioner. He’s pretty much done.  However here in Wauchula they  just do what they want. This is one of those cases.

City Commissioner Kenneth Lambert sold his home and moved into a Duplex that was bought by his brother Bill Lambert who purchased it from someone that was receiving funds from the IDA/EDC. Bill Lambert is the Director of the IDA. If that isn’t odd enough and  a little unethical too.

So now, Commissioner Lambert does not live in the City.  So what to do? Hell he’s a City Commissioner and will just create and Ordinance to rezone his brothers property from County to City. The property isn’t in his name, so why not right? Cronyism? Unethical? Abuse of Power?

Jan 14th was the first reading for this Ordinance 2019-01. Odd tho that Kenneth Lambert did not show up to vote.

I guess we shouldn’t be real surprised as the City Manager has violated the City Charter since the day he took office and Commission never made him abide by the Charter.

City Manager Violating City Charter by not living in the City Limits

City Manager Committing Fraud by lying about his Residence on Voters Registration and other Documentation so it appears he lives in the City Limits

And a while back this Commissioner was reported to the State Attorney for the same thing. 

City Commissioner arrested for Domestic Battery and Not living in the City.

But the State Attorney just slapped his hand and let him move back in the City. 

As I heard about Lambert and Ordinance 2019-01 I was also informed that they (City Manager and Commission) were already working on rezoning the area where the City Manager lives from County to City also (Knollwood)

To the average person (Citizen), these actions are Wrong, Unethical and Immoral. The only question I really have is “How legal” is this? After all it is for Personal Gain.

But if we look back on all the things that have happened in Hardee County, it’s really not a surprise right? City Manager doesn’t Live in City, Commissioner Smith didn’t live in the City and now Commissioner Lambert just rezones a property to accommodate himself. 

According to Commissioner Lambert it’s OK to commit Fraud. He knows he sold his house, he knows he doesn’t live there anymore. BUT he states he’s still an official resident because his Drivers License and Voters Registration say so? Seriously?



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