City Manager Committing Fraud


I wrote about the City Manager of Wauchula, Terry Atchley not living in the City Limits violating the City Charter and Committing Homestead Exemption Fraud back in 2017 View Here. But it’s way more than just that. Will Atchley commit fraud to make it appear he lives in the City limits so he wouldn’t be violating the Charter? How far will he go? Let’s see.

City Charter Article IV-City Manager
Section 4.01 Appointment, Qualifications and Removal
“He shall be chosen solely on the basis of his executive and administrative qualifications, and he need not be a resident of the City or State at the time of his appointment, but must become a resident of the City within one year of appointment.

Previously I contacted the State Attorney and they informed me it’s a Local issue and that our City Commission needs to address. Pam Bondi’s (Attorney General) office stated the same thing. I have contacted the City Commission and even the City Attorney but no reply from any of them.


I sent an email the Hardee County Property Appraiser and asked them to Investigate the fact that Atchley was committing Homestead Exemption fraud by Not living in the home he claims homestead on. Kathy Crawford replied to me saying “Please be advised that our office did conduct an investigation to determine Homestead eligibility for Mr. Terry Atchley for 317 9th Avenue South, Wauchula and found nothing to warrant a denial of Homestead Exemption. The documents generated to validate Homestead eligibility are not available for public review and are considered confidential. Our records indicate that Mr. Atchley is not receiving the benefit of Homestead Exemption anywhere but this address and we have no evidence that the home is being rented.”

So it seems he’s provided all the proper paperwork that proves he lives at 317 S 9th Ave. I was curious as to when Atchley changed his Homestead so I requested that info and here is what they sent.


Terry was hired back in 2012 I believe. Notice he didn’t change his homestead until 2015. The only reason he did that was because complaints were filed about him violating the Charter back then. But, did he actually live at 317 S 9th Ave? Or was it just a Hoax? When and why did he buy the home at 317 S 9th Ave? Who actually lives there? Last question is, how much Fraud will Terry Atchley, City Commission and the City Attorney commit trying to make it look like Terry actually lives in the City Limits?

Everyone in this county knows Terry Atchley lives at 1035 Knollwood Circle. So now we have to prove it. I’ve pulled everything I could find online and it all has his Knollwood address.

Giovanni’s Detail by Officer/Registered Agent Name ( View Here
South Florida State College Foundation Inc ( View Here
First Baptist Children’s Academy Inc (CorporatesFinder) View Here
Hardee County Fair Incorporated (Corporationwiki) View Here
Kiwanis Club of Wauchula Inc. View Here

But, his Voter Registration lists his City home View Here
Homestead is filed on his City home View Here
The address on his paycheck stubs changed from the Knollwood address to the S 9th Ave address on his Dec 2014/Jan 2105 View Here

So who lives at his City home at 317 S 9th Ave?

I kept looking and checked all voter registration information and found that a Isarella Molinaro also has 317 S 9th Ave listed as her address View Here Then I found her Linkedin profile (View Here)  which states she works as a server at Giovannis from 2015-present…so who is she? That name looked familiar so I checked and found this (Image) Seems she’s related to Giovanni and Blanca Molinaro who are family members of Terry and Filomena Atchley. (Remember what I said in my original write-up that Terry never lived at 317 S 9th Ave, that his in laws did)

Then there is this, a Police report for 317 S 9th Ave on March 27th 2012 for Burglary. Who’s name was on that report? Molinaro is listed as the HOME OWNER. It was her families belongings stolen, NOT ATCHLEY’s….Click here for Full Report


Let me summarize this whole mess.

Back in May of 2008, Giovanni and Blanca Molinaro along with family members Filomena and Terry Atchley opened Giovanni’s restaurant on Main Street in Wauchula Fl. At that time the Atchley’s lived (and still do) at 1035 Knollwood Cr (County). Terry and his wife purchased the home at 317 S 9th Ave for the Molinaro family in Dec 2009, shortly after opening the restaurant. He can’t say he bought the home to live in because the charter states he has to reside in the City, He isn’t the City Manager yet…

When Terry was appointed City Manager, it was in the Charter that he must “Reside” in the City Limits. For the longest time he and Commission ignored that and allowed him to live in his County home, violating the Charter. A few years ago people complained and eventually Terry changed his address on file and changed his homestead from the County home to the City home (even tho the Molinaro family lives there and not him). It was really convenient that Terry owned a home in the City.

However, Claiming Homestead on a home you do not “Reside” in is Homestead Exemption Fraud (And whatever proof he provided to the Property Appraiser to claim homestead on the City home was fraudulent….That has been proven by the above information). Now, If his drivers license has his City Address, he has committed fraud to the State of Florida. Same goes for everything else he has changed his address on. If his drivers license has the County address, well, that’s just more proof he’s again committing Homestead Exemption Fraud and fraud for changing his address to a home he does not “Reside” in on everything else.

It just amazes me how far people will go to Lie and Defraud the Public.

This isn’t just about violating the City Charter now. Everything Terry Atchley has done to try and show he “Resides” at 317 S 9th Ave is FRAUD. City Commission knows this, the City Attorney knows this and they ALL went along for the ride. Let’s just hope this ride costs them.

Previously, the State Attorney and even the Attorney General stated it’s an issue for City Commission (violating the charter). Brian and Pam, Still an issue for Commission? Or is this enough for FDLE or perhaps the FBI to step in and Investigate (Fraud)? Just curious.

I’m no rocket scientist, I’m just a ghost but even I know this shit’s not good. I mean, imagine LE questioning all the neighbors at both addresses as to who “Resides” at each? Imagine statements from the Molinaro’s and even Atchley? I can imagine there would be lies and they would be caught. Then there’s receipts as to who paid the Utilities, did the Molinaro family pay with a credit card? is there a paper trail.

Terry Atchley DOES NOT reside at 317 S 9th Ave and NEVER has!

He lives at 1035 Knollwood and has since 2002