City Commissioner Arrested and Charged with Domestic Battery / Not living in his District

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There is SOOO much wrong with our Local Government it’s almost sickening. One would think it would improve with time. However, the only way to improve is to have people in positions that can make that happen. Take for instance the City of Wauchula. We start off with a City Manager that violates his own Employment contract by not living in the City Limits (Details Here). Then recently he took a City Vehicle on Vacation with his Family out of State (Details Here). Those are just a few. The rest can be found (Here).

Who allows all this to happen? Yes, the City Commissioners. Which brings me to Russell Graylin Smith. As with the City Manager Terry Atchley, Smith too is violating the Charter as he doesn’t live (reside) in Wauchula. This issue was brought up a few years ago but there was never any proof. But, as stated in the Narrative (Sheriff’s Dept Files below) “but retreated to his bedroom” (Which is in Zolfo Springs). How much more proof do you need? And we wonder why the Commission allows Terry to violate his contract :/ 

Recently, Mr. Smith was arrested and charged with Domestic Battery. We all do things we regret at times, I myself am guilty of that. No one is perfect.  But with Commissioners and people higher up in Government, we hold them to a higher standard. After all, they are supposed to be leaders…. I’m not going into detail about this case, I’m simply going to provide the documents. One thing that bothers me tho is the fact he hit/slapped a woman (family or not that’s no excuse) who was holding a 2-year-old child. 

We contacted the State Attorney and filed a complaint about Russell not living in Wauchula. He’s violating City Charter Article V Section 5.05. That case is still being Investigated by the State Attorney.

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Why has this been quiet? Why hasn’t Commission addressed this to the Public? 

District Seat  2    Russell Graylin Smith


Sheriff’s Department Files



17-11392-Incident-Arrest Report


Affidavit Cover

Court Documents


Notice of Appearance

Plea of not guilty

Demand for Discovery

Motion to Withdrawl

Disposition-Plea not guilty-Case Continued

Is this the type of person you want as a Commissioner?