Meet the Cartel – Part 1

For a long time, Wauchula has been controlled by a certain group of people, I’ll refer to them as the Cartel because in reality, that’s exactly what they are. An old timer here once said “We are a State within a State, we make our own rules and we are covered all the way to the Governors Office”.


In the above video there is discussion about the Missing Hurricane money. Where did it go, who approved it, who was involved? Was it legal? Mike Deeson did a great job of covering this, but it seems the Judicial System we depend on let us down, or is this how far the Cartel reaches? Did the State Attorney’s Office “Overlook” or “Cover for” what actually happened. Did Rick Scott turn a blind eye? 

All funds coming into and out of the county MUST go through the Clerk of Courts.

clerk - Copy

“The system of checks and balances in government was developed to ensure that no one branch of government would become too powerful.” In this case, the Clerk of Courts is that Checks and Balances. 

So did County Funds go through the proper channel (Clerk of Courts)? No, it did not. In fact they “Broke the Law when they authorized the payout of Insurance money without going through the Clerk of Courts”. State Law says the Clerk of Courts is the ONLY person that should be handling the money. So here we have Lex Albritton and Doug Knight diverting MILLIONS of dollars, ILLEGALLY. How do we know Lex and Doug did this? Listen carefully to what Mike Deeson says here, then read the email below it that Doug Knight sent Mike Deeson. 


Doug Knight “Believes” Hugh Bradley did not have the Competency to gasp the claims process, so Doug Knight Committed a Criminal Act at the direction of Lex Albritton? I’m sure the Feds could care less about your Insurance Training Doug. Positions like the Clerk of Courts were created to STOP what Doug and Lex did.  

So the County Manager, Lex Albritton and Doug Knight, knowingly and willingly diverted MILLIONS of dollars knowing they were performing a Criminal Act. Who was aware of this and did nothing to stop it? County Commissioners. And where was the ONE person that should have told them YOU CAN’T  DO THAT? Ken Evers, the County Attorney that’s running for County Judge, knew this was going on and did nothing to stop it!!!

Multiple people including Mike Deeson from Channel 10 contacted the State Attorney about this issue. Jerry Hill, the State Attorney at the time turned a blind eye and would NOT even touch it, KNOWING Doug and Lex committed a Criminal Act! So why wouldn’t the State Attorney’s office act on it? If they start prosecuting those they have protected, they know at some point people could possible turn on them. So instead of going after them, they are simply over looked.




For those who are afraid to speak out about the corruption here in Hardee County you can still help by donating. Funds will be used for website, records requests etc.