Who should be Hardee County Judge?

Who should be Hardee County Judge?

I’ve seen so many posts and comments on both David Horton and Ken Evers. Most of the people that will vote for Ken are the home grown people that don’t want change or family and friends, that’s expected. There is also talk about him being from Hardee County. Question is, Is that a good thing? Back in the day I would have to agree, before Power, Money and Greed set in here in Hardee County. Here are how I see things.

Ken Evers has been the Attorney on record for Hardee County, IDA, EDA, EDC, ABC and XYZ, yes I exaggerated a little. The point here is, being the attorney for so many different county extensions to me and others, is and will always be a conflict. As I stated before, even State Senator Ring made the comment to Evers, “It’s because of people like you that we have to do legislation”.

So let’s look at his accomplishments to far.

1-Hurricane Charley. More Info Here

Evers being the County Attorney knew funds were being mishandled. But did nothing. Law states all funds must go through the Clerk of Court, but that didn’t happen. Lex and Knight bypassed this. And look at the drying bill for the Civic Center, $576K? Really, do we need a Judge that will allow things like this to happen in our County?

2-LifeSync Grand Jury. More Info Here

Again, Evers is the County Attorney. He is also the EDC/EDA/IDA Attorney. This Jury was selected to investigate the EDC/EDA/IDA’s handling of public funds. However, some of the Jurors were related to Evers. Conflict of Interest? Did Ken say anything? Nope. One Juror, Autumn Blum was selected. She was at the time accepting funds from the EDC/EDA.IDA. She also had office space inside the LifeSync building. Did Ken speak up and declare a conflict of Interest? Nope. He turned a blind eye. Good Judge qualities?

3-Primary Election

Although I can’t prove this, Evers and Pyle schemed against Horton. Think about it. Evers is the County Attorney. He brings his pal Pyle in the election to pull votes away from Horton, which it worked. However it didn’t pull enough as neither candidate received 50% of the votes sending it into a runoff. I know, this is just my opinion but think about it. Pyle stated he didn’t really know Ken, but knew of him in the primary elections. Once the primary was over, Pyle endorsed Evers. Then shows up at a town hall meeting with Ken Evers. Their goal was simple, Ken makes Judge, Pyle walks in as the County Attorney. But, Hardee County citizens didn’t let that happen.

I could go on and on about the things Ken Evers allowed to happen in this County as the County Attorney. Anyway, enough of me giving my opinion. Let’s look at who is actually qualified to DO the job. In a recent post by Evers he states that a County Judge only spends a fraction of their time presiding over Criminal Jury Trials.

Screenshot_2018-10-12 Ken Evers for Hardee County Judge - Home

Although that may be true, it’s also misleading and doesn’t have all the facts. But it looks good for Ken with his experience/qualifications. Now lets look at the recent ad David Horton placed in the Herald Advocate.


To summarize, out of 5,936 cases, Ken Evers only has experience/qualifications for 3.3% of them. So based on Experience and Qualifications, it’s David Horton hands down.

The question is, Do you want a Judge that has the experience and qualifications, or do you want a Judge that will do anything County officials asks him to do? Just look at Ken Evers history. In the end, Just because Ken is born and raised here, doesn’t mean he’s the best person for the job. In this case, he’s the least experienced, least qualified and stands for all the wrong reasons. You want change Hardee County? Vote for it. Vote David Horton for Hardee County Judge and let’s get our County back into shape.


PS: I think it’s important too note that I have left questions and comments on Ken Ever’s for County Judge page, Only to be Banned and have my comments deleted. IF, what I had to say was false or wrong, why would the man running for Judge of Hardee County be so scared that he would do such a thing? Just a thought.

I am the Ghost of this County and I approve this message!