Reporting City Manager to the Governor





Subject: Request for an Investigation on the City Manager of Wauchula

Gov Rick Scott,

We the Citizens of Hardee County are hereby asking your office to conduct an Investigation into the City Manager of Wauchula. Not only is he violating the City Charter, but committing Fraud. Example; He claims Homestead on his City home, yet he does not and never has lived there. The Charter does not state “Own a home in the City” it States “RESIDE in the City”. See link below.

Secondly, he has changed his address on his Drivers License and his voter registration to reflect the City home, again, he DOES NOT reside there. He’s voting on City issues and DOES NOT live in the City. See link below.

We have contacted the City Commission, they will not respond. We have contacted the City Attorney, he will not respond. Pam Bondi’s office has referred us to you. Please take 5 minutes and read the information in the 2 links above and respond to our request for an Investigation. This Information has been sent the office of the State Attorney, Brian Haas, but no response as of today.

It’s sad the Local Officials will not do anything, they are essentially telling the Public they are ABOVE the law. Is that the message you want your leaders giving? If our Elected Officials can’t abide by the Charter that makes the City, why should Citizens abide by  codes, ordinances etc? Think about it.


Remember, it’s not the first time you have had to Intervene here.