Marjory Stoneman Douglas High

On Feb 14th 2018, 17 Innocent people lost their lives in a senseless shooting. This page will serve as a memorial to remember those we have lost. Let’s remember the Victims and Not the Shooter. #RIP ~Wau

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Jamie Guttenberg – Student

Jamie Guttenberg


Martin Duque – Student

Martin Duque


Nick Dworet – Student

Nick Dworet


Carmen Schentrup – Student

Carmen Schentrup


Joaquin Oliver – Student

Joaquin Oliver


Alyssa Alhadeff – Student

Alyssa Alhadeff


Gina Montalto – Student

Gina Montalto


Luke Hoyer – Student

Luke Hoyer


Meadow Pollack – Student

Meadow Pollack


Alaina Petty – Student

Alaina Petty


Cara Loughran – Student

Cara Loughran


Peter Wang – Student

Peter Wang


Alex Schachter – Student

Alex Schachter


Helena Ramsey – Student


Scott Beigel – Geography Teacher

Scott Beigel


Chris Hixon – Athletic Director

Chris Hixon


Aaron Feis – Football Coach

Aaron Feis




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