Looking for First Amendment Attorney’s


I am looking for a First Amendment Attorney that can look at some issues I am having. I’ll try and make this short. 

Over the last year or so I have sent multiple issues with our local government to the State Attorney’s office SAO10. Most of the issues we are told are “Local” issues and we must take them up with our Local Commission. We did. We sent emails but no replies. We left comments and questions on the City of Wauchula’s Facebook page, only to have them “Hide” our comments from public view and in some cases, ban users for asking questions. See page “Banned for asking questions”. This, is a violation of our First Amendment rights. 

Below is a link to everything that was sent to the State Attorney Brian Haas.

Corruption in a Small Town

The last 2 issues sent were these:

City Manager violating his contract and the City Charter by not living in the City Limits.

City Commissioner violating the City Charter by not living in his District, also just arrested for Domestic Battery.

Instead of the State Attorney going after the Commissioner, he allowed him to move back into his District. But the City Manager issue, we are told is an issue for the Commission. So needless to say Haas refuses to investigate. Funny because he just Investigated a Commissioner for doing the same thing. If Commission won’t do anything, the State Attorney won’t do anything, Who is there to hold Commission accountable? 

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.