Defeating #ISIS

For the last 3 years, I and others have waged war on Islamic State online. We have done many things, some good and some bad. We have also watched the news of the attacks, one after another. But They keep coming….How do we stop these #DaeshBags from killing?

For once in my life I want not only the PEOPLE of the world, but the LEADERS and the MEDIA to listen as well. Islamic State is like a Serial Killer, They thrive on seeing their name in the news. The more you publish the more they kill. So Media, STOP PUBLISHING what they have done and focus on what’s being done to them. I’ve said time and time again that ISIS uses Social Media as a Mega Horn, I have also said I would take that Mega Horn away from them. And I did. Last year when I chose to take those ISIS accounts and spread with Porn and GayPride messages, the WORLD listened, the World reacted. The funny thing is, even today, media outlets are still spreading those hacks. Why? It’s funny and it counters any message ISIS has out there. It’s called Memetic Warfare. Too bad our own Government can’t see it.

As far as Media, I know you are after ratings, But think about it. Is a Human Life worth a higher rating?……….

The other thing is this HATE towards Muslims. It MUST STOP. Muslims are against these damn Jihadists just as much as we are. But the WORLD is so messed up with Politics, the Left, the Right, it’s nothing but a fucking BLAME game. Grow the Hell up and start acting like HUMANS. Stand together, Show support for one another. That is the only way we are going to defeat ISIS. It’s called UNITY. I have many, many Muslim friends from around the world and when I tweet in support of them they message me thanking me. They also THANK me for taking these DaeshBags on.

The last thing I want to say is to Donald Trump. SHUT THE HELL UP and act like a damn President. Your Tweets are worse than a damn 12 year old. You rant and you bitch and complain. Do you realize that YOU are the Biggest problem the USA has right now. Your Tweets alone have Divided this NATION. The sad part is, the people of the United States have allowed this and accepted your ignorance. Remember the cult in Waco? Yes Trump, YOU are nothing more that a CULT LEADER. Be a President!!!!

So How do we defeat #IslamicState? Identify them as Jihadists. NOT MUSLIMS. It’s NOT ABOUT RELIGION. Stop publishing what they are Doing and Focus on what WE are doing to them. Make them look like the ASSHATS they are. Everyone in the World needs to stand and support with us. From Movie Stars to Singers to the Rich and Famous. We ALL need to Unite for this one thing, and That’s Defending the World against Jihadists Extremists. If I can do it, from a small town with nothing but my word and a few computers, Imagine what we as a world can do together.

I also want to Thank Ariana Grande for her letter regarding the attack on her concert in #Manchester. #MuchLove and #Respect to you Ariana. Just imagine if the rest of the world would speak out and stand together. So now, I ask the World, Please Stand with us do defeat ISIS.


If we, as HUMANS care about one another, Then for once, Lets Stand Together!!!

Please feel free to contact me anytime.




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