IDA/EDA partner to Acquire Scotty’s

(Shared from Local Activist Henry Kuhlman)

The IDA partnered with the EDA in 2013 to acquire the Scotty’s building for the purpose of creating an Incubator Accelerator habitat for new business tenants to grow for three years under the tutelage of professional management and shared expenses. Over $3,000,000 public dollars has been spent on this concept to date. The only official tenant, Paddle Sports, has failed after wasting $452,000 without a single sale or written report. Included in the concept was a fill line, initially billed by IDA’s Sarah Pelham and her consultant, Autumn Blum, as a commercial food kitchen. They promoted the idea of there being a high local demand from people wanting to experiment with recipes they thought might sell. They sold this idea to the EDA and the IDA purchased an entire Fill Line based on specifications provided by Ms. Blum. They hired her friend from NY, Kristin Giuliani to write the Incubator Accelerator Program and Manager Job descriptions (never finished). They hired a fill line facilities maintenance man, Mr. Stein, to install the fill line and try to write the SOPs (unsuccessfully). They quickly and secretly abandoned the Food idea and settled into the Sunscreen and lotion segment which is what Ms. Blum is now being sued for stealing the trade secrets of another company for. Instead of hiring an Manager for the entire Building and all future Tenants, as was the state promise to the EDA, the IDA only hired a company of two friends of Ms Blum (Giuliani and Thomas) to manage the fill line tenants. But there were no tenants because they only come from EDA grants that are awarded once per year. Indeed, the Fill Line was used exclusively by the three women for their own companies and to fill products for other companies at full profit of themselves. All while getting paid about $80,000 per year each in public money from EDA grants in salaries. So, the question is, what happened to the Incubator Accelerator? If it is no longer there, what took its place? Who is the IDA applications benefiting? They are not a private company creating jobs. The sum total of all jobs committed under all contracts at the Incubator Accelerator is 10. That’s correct and the pay rate commitment is $9.20 per hour. And there is no penalty for not meeting these goals.

With this introduction, I have written questions for the IDA about their application for $200,000 to the EDA. It has already been awarded. That means everyone is on the hook for the Votes, winks and nods. If this turns out to be more flim flam bait and switcharoo games played between Director Lambert and EDA Chair David Royal, we can only hope they pay.

The Questions are attached. For a Google Link —– click here:



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